Clubs and Organizations

  • Academic Team

    Friendly competition between team members and other schools to enhance and encourage learning information from school and beyond. 

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s):  Guy Rabner

    Addiction Awareness Organization

    To bring awareness to addiction and to bring help to those who are suffering.

    Category: Service

    Advisor(s): Christie Giacobbe and Erin Field

    Album Club

    To bring people together with music and discuss albums that are listened to. 

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  Pat Catalano

    American Institute of Architecture Students (formerly Future Architects of America)

    To provide a structured architectural lesson and project opportunities via AIAS (American Institute of Architecture Students) and ACE mentor program

    Category: Social/Recreation & Art

    Advisor (s): Ryan Karpack

    Anime Club

    The club would host a supportive, social, environment for lovers of anime to read and analyze anime.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Jordan Virgil

    Archery Club

    To provide students with a non-varsity/non-traditional activity and extension of physical education sports outlet.

    Category:  Extension of PE Program

    Advisor (s):  David Jones

    Biology Club

    To spread enthusiasm for biology in LHS student body through academic and service events held throughout the year. 

    Category:  Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s):  Paul Raiz & Melissa Muirhead

    Black Student Union

    To offer a safe space for Black students and foster a community for LHS students to broaden awareness and perspectives in our school by addressing issues that affect BIPOC and civil discourse and community action.  All students are welcomed. 

    Category:  Cultural

    Advisor (s):  Jason Hoyle & Gadi Ulysse

    Board Game Club

    Students are able to socialize with their peers and enjoy the many board games we provide.

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  Dorte Poyner

    Body Positive Alliance

    We are a student led, non-profit organzation advocating for the acceptance and representation of all bodies regardless of physical ability, size, gender, race, or apperance

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  Brittany Gajewski

    Branch Out

    Branch Out is an all-inclusive club that offers students the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and provides additional peer relationships.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Jill Tejeda

    Breaking the Chain

    Breaking the Chain will fundraise for children's education in Ghana and contribute to the larger Breaking the Chain organization. 

    Category:  Service

    Advisor (s):  Maggie Lafferty

    Business Honor Society

    Recognize and enhance skills relevant to business students, honor induction. 

    Category:  Honor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s):  Alex Lamon

    Career Exploration Club (CEC)

    Our mission is to connect LHS students with professionals in a plethora of fields to gain insight on various career possibilities. During each monthly meeting, we will have a professional from a distinctive field discuss their high school, college, and work experience.

    Category:  Other - Career Oriented

    Advisor (s):  Kelsey Collins

    Chamber Singers

    Chamber Singers is the all-female select vocal ensemble at LHS.  They perform in concert settings and at community events during the year.  

    Category:  Academic/Curricular, Art

    Advisor (s):  Dan King

    Chess Club/Team

    Teach and play chess for social and recreational interaction; play competitively with other schools and tournaments. 

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  Will Peklo

    Chinese Culture Club

    To spread and teach Chinese culture through games, activities, and informational meetings 

    Category:  Cultural

    Advisor (s):  Xin Cai

    Chinese Honor Society

    CHS serves to help students learning Chinese advance their knowledge of Chinese culture and become recognized for their achievement in learning the language. It develops a community among students and encourages them to continue pursuing the language in the future. 

    Category:  Cultural, Honor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s):  Xin Cai

    Christian Club

    A space to allow both Christian and Non-Christian students to have a place to share their ideas and grow their faith.

    Category:  Cultural, Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  Tanis Chavanne

    Class of 2023

    The Class of 2023 organizes fundraisers to support all functions and events related to the Senior Class including the Senior Prom, Senior Luncheon, and Senior Breakfast.

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  Rachel Henry & Anthony Fischer

    Class of 2024

    To help plan, organize and execute class events such as Junior Prom and activities throughout the year.  We will run fundraisers to help offset the costs.

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  James Memory & Drew Krumholz

    Class of 2025

    To fundraise and plan Class of 2025 events.

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  Kelly Rocco & Kim Constanzo

    Class of 2026

    To fundraise and plan Class of 2026 events.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Pat Catalano and Nick Brooks

    Comfort Project 360

    Comfort Project 360 (CP360) is an organization that works to enhance the comfort and well-being of cancer patients at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center.  CP360 gives patients comforting items, friendly faces to talk to, and supportive environments.

    Category: Service

    Advisor(s): Michael Coleman

    Competitive Writing Club

    Throughout the year, the Competitive Writing Club will actively inform the community of upcoming contests such as The Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards in order to expose emerging writers to valuable writing experiences that will help them refine their craft. The club would meet once every 1-2 weeks after school, during which students would brainstorm ideas, exchange advice, and peer-review their writing pieces.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor(s): Anthony Fischer

    Cook to Connect

    The club's purpose is to connect with students through cooking and baking.  A blog post would be the center of the club, as we would add recipes that we recommend throughout the year.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Kathryn Picardo

    Cool 2 Be Kind

    Cool 2 Be Kind's mission is to combat bullying at school, empower others to take a stand against bullying, and raise awareness about bullying and its effects.

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  M. Alden Earle

    Costumes for Fall Drama & Spring Musical

    To create costumes for LHS theatre productions. 

    Category:  Art

    Advisor (s):  Alyssa LaMedica

    Crafts for a Cause

    We create and decorate crafts to donate to local community organizations. We also hold fundraisers to raise money for various charities, including St. Jude. In the past, we have also baked goods like cookies and cupcakes to sell to the school community. We also collaborate with Key Club to help those in our community.

    Category:  Social/Recreation, Art, Service

    Advisor (s): Kim Costanzo

    Cricket Club

    The Cricket Club is to provide the love of cricket into the LHS community.  We will discuss our passion for cricket, follow cricket matches and learn new cricket techniques. When the weather gets warmer, we will try to practice cricket in an available outdoor space.

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s):  Sarah Rosenberg

    Cybersecurity Club (formerly: OPSEC Club)

    The club aims to teach its members the fundamentals and applications of cybersecurity through interactive lectures and activities. 

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Hongkai Zhang

    Diversity Book Club

    To celebrate diverse books and promote a communal reading experience for students.

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Jordan Virgil

    Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)

    DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools around the globe.

    Category:  Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Daniel Quackenbush & Shawn Rembecky

    Dungeons & Dragons Club (D&D)

    To learn about the board game Dungeon and Dragons and play the game.

    Category:  Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Michael Jedwabnik & Lori Perez

    Eastern European Club 

    To bring together Eastern European students and learn more about the cultures

    Category: Cultural

    Advisor (s): Marisa Vosa


    The purpose of the Ecolancers is to utilize the knowledge and skills developed in technology and science classes to develop a high-mileage vehicle that meets the necessary specifications to compete in the international Shell EcoMarathon challenge. Students work together to design a vehicle, utilize safe operating procedures, and maintain all the logistics involved in this competition, including obtaining the funding to complete the challenge.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): David Richards 

    Envirothon Team

    The natural resources problem-solving competition, which has competed on global platforms and placed 13th.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Samantha Aaron & Doug Jay

    Fantasy Sports Club

    The purpose of this club is to build relationships and a stronger community and to help a charitable organization by holding fundraisers. We will play in multiple fantasy leagues and talk about strategies for how to build a lineup.  There is absolutely no betting or gambling involved in this club.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Stephen Schaible

    Femme Film Club

    Femme Film is a club that highlights specifically female achievements in the film industry.  We will watch and analyze films with female directors and prominent female leads, as well as encourage group discussions with our members.

    Category: Media/Publications

    Advisor (s): Kieran Nugent

    Filipino Club

    The Filipino Club, a multicultural organization open to all students, aims to celebrate and share the diverse traditions of the Philippines with the school community. In addition, the Filipino Club is a service organization that participates in relief efforts to aid victims of poverty and natural disasters in the Philippines. 

    Category: Cultural, Service

    Advisor (s): Michael Sunga & Christina Bravo

    Film Club

    The Film Club would act as a safe space to explore interests ranging from script writing, acting, filming or even choosing music with likeminded people, which would culminate into group efforts to make media we'd like to see and represent.

    Category: Media/Publications

    Advisor (s): Jacqueline Pascale

    Forensic Speech & Debate

    The purpose of Speech & Debate is to promote interest in all forms of public speech, encourage a spirit of fellowship, and confer upon deserving candidates recognition of their achievements.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Kathryn Picardo

    French Club

    The purpose of this organization is to celebrate French culture while exploring ways students can implement and share their French knowledge within the Livingston community.  This club/society will meet to commemorate strong French students and their ideas for fundraisers, club events, and inductions to strengthen the French community.

    Category: Cultural

    Advisor (s): Soukeyna Diop-Tall

    French Honor Society Club

    To celebrate the accomplishments of students in the French curriculum.

    Category: Honor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s): Soukeyna Diop-Tall & Gerard Amsellem 

    Friendship Circle Club

    Raise awareness and brainstorm charitable ideas for the Friendship Circle.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Stephen Schaible

    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    Bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through invovative leadship and career development programs.

    Category:  Academic/Curricular, Service

    Advisor (s): Thomas Garzon & Hal Mordkoff

    Gender Sexuality Alliance

    The purpose of the GSA is to create a brave space for all student, in order to celebrate our diversity together.  We will discuss local, national, and global issues impacting the LGBTQIA+ communities and continue our efforts to promote acceptance of all individuals in our school and the larger Livingston communities.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Drew Krumholz & Andrew Nelson

    Glamour Gals

    Glamour Girls is a nationwide non-profit organization that inspires companionship and conversation with seniors living in residential homes through complimentary beauty makeovers and activities led and organized by teen volunteers.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Kathryn Picardo & Kieran Nugent

    Green Team

    To make LHS a more sustainable place to learn and work.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Doug Jay

    Greenhouse Club Agricultural Tech and Outdoors Club

    To promote gardening and to maintain the A Hall Courtyard.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Brian Megaro

    Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

    To enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality healthcare by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development, and devotion to meeting the needs of the healthcare community.

    Category: Academic/Curricular, Service

    Advisor (s): Bobbi Bremmer, Johanna Frye & Mary Kaspriskie

    Helping Hunger

    The purpose of this club is to raise awareness about food insecurity in Livingston by giving back to our community through different events and services. We work exclusively and directly with the Livingston Food Pantry to help families in need. By working solely with the Livingston Food Pantry, we can do as much good as we can for one organization.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Sachel Bise

    Indian Culture Club

    The LHS Indian Culture Club serves to unite the Indian community in Livingston and promote a greater understanding of Indian culture. We will celebrate various cultural Indian holidays throughout the year, watch Indian movies together, and much more. We also hope to participate in local Indian events and instill an appreciation for Indian culture in the LHS community.

    Category: Cultural/Media/Social

    Advisor (s): Jill Tejeda

    Inner Circle

    To provide opportunities for students to lead and direct a cabaret and play.

    Category: Art

    Advisor (s): Kim Hughes

    Inner Voices Art and Literary Magazine

    Support the creative arts, and develop a literary/art magazine for students at the school.

    Category: Media/Publications, Art

    Advisor (s): Jennifer Torres and Chris Iannuzzi

    International Thespian Society

    ITS, founded in 1929, is an honor society for student thespians (consisting of actors and backstage team members). Students are inducted into the organization by accruing a minimum of points based on their involvement with the theatre program at our school. We will meet monthly during lunch in the Auditorium, hold biannual fundraisers, advocate for theatre in the LHS community, and hold an annual induction ceremony each spring in the evening.

    Category: Honor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s): Scott Patteson

    International Youth Neuroscience Association

    As a local chapter of the International Youth Neuroscience Association, the club aims to promote scholarly enthusiasm for neuroscience among the LHS community while raising awareness for important neuroscience-related topics. The club also strives to give back to the community by organizing service initiatives about neuroscience.

    Category: Academic/Curricular, Service

    Advisor (s): Paul Raiz & Melissa Muirhead

    Investing Club

    In the Investing Club, we focus on educating our peers on investing and personal finance in an engaging manner.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Dan Quackenbush & Shawn Rembecky

    Italian Culture Club

    To exhibit Italian cultural traditions in mordern day society while raising money for organizations such an UNICO and Breast Cancer Awareness.

    Category: Cultural

    Advisor (s): Guy Rabner

    Italian Honor Society

    Honor and recognize Italian students who have succeeded and have earned admission into the honor society. Students in the society will serve as tutors, leaders, and helpers toward the Italian language and cultural functions during the school year.

    Category: Academic/Curricular, Honor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s): Guy Rabner

    Jazz Improv Club

    To provide an environment where musicians can work together to develop jazz improvisation skills. The club will consist of learning from each other and just playing together in a standard jazz jam session.

    Category: Art

    Advisor (s): Mike Pizzone

    Jewish-Israeli Club

    The purpose of the organization is to celebrate and teach Jewish and Israeli Culture.

    Category: Cultural

    Advisor (s): Susana Fernandez-Poyatos

    Key Club

    Key Club International is a youth service-leadership organization sponsored by Kiwanis International. It is the oldest and largest service program for high school students and is entirely student-led. Key Clubbers are caring and competent servant leaders transforming communities worldwide. The core values of Key Club are leadership, character building, care, and inclusiveness.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Val Desamours & Marjorie Duffy

    Korean Club

    Learn and explore Korean culture, food, makeup/skincare, fashion, music, and language.

    Category: Academic/Cultural

    Advisor (s): Kim Costanzo

    Lancer E-Sports

    Our goal as an Esports Club, is to bring the creativity and fun of competitive gaming to our High School team. We are an all-inclusive group of individuals who share the same passion for gaming and collaboration. Our club will organize competitive events with students from LHS and other local schools. Additionally, we plan to incorporate the business and technology of E-Sports into our meetings and discussions. 

    Category: Social/Recreation, Sport

    Advisor (s): Hongkai Zhang

    League of Women Voters Junior Chapter

    The League of Women Voters is a bipartisan organization whose mission is "to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation in government and to influence public policy through education and advocacy." The LWV of Livingston is responsible for, not only helping to register voters, but also conducting the annual Board of Education, County Freeholders and Town Council debates, as well as sponsoring community discussions events.  The high school branch will explore federal, state, and local voting procedures, delve into ideas about expanding voting access as well as combating voter suppression, and establish a safe space to discuss today's pressing issues.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Rachel Skerker

    Leo Club

    The Leo Club works with the local Lions club to do community service events in the community.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Kelsey Collins

    LHS Care for Canines

    The LHS Care for Canines ultimate goal is to provide assistance to dogs at our local animal shelter through fundraisers, donations, and volunteer work, while also providing students at LHS with the opportunity to better understand the importance of such shelters and obtain service hours. We have already established a partnership with the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter and are in talks with them about our future endeavors as an organization.  One of our main purposes of our organization is to create fundraising events for the Mount Pleasant Animal Shelter.  We plan to fundraise money, dog toys, and dog food for their organization. We have already received wishlists from the Mount Pleasant Animal shelter that are specific for fundraising items and events.

    Category: Social/Recreation & Service

    Advisor (s): Robert Liquori & Teresa Fannell

    LHS Chamber Orchestra

    Students audition for this advanced honors ensemble, and perform and rehearse music at a high level. They perform at the winter and spring concerts, the All-Township concert, and community events.

    Category: Music Performance Ensemble

    Advisor (s): Nancy Ciminnisi

    LHS Chemistry Club

    To learn and compete in the US National Chemistry Olympiad, do experiments, and inspire students.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Mike Coleman

    LHS Coding Club

    To encourage computer science and cybersecurity education for interested students, to give students a chance at innovation through computer science, and to teach younger elementary and middle school students in an engaging manner.

    Category: Academic/Curricular, Service

    Advisor (s): Jennifer Gee

  • LHS Dance Club

    The purpose is to provide students with the opportunity to further their dance studies, their dance composition skills and give them the opportunity to perform while promoting the art of dance.

    Category: Social/Recreation & Art

    Advisor (s): Amanda Bigelow

    LHS Democrats

    The goal is to assist political campaigns, learn more about the political process from elected officials, guest speakers, and facilitate political discussions.

    Category: Political

    Advisor (s): Deborah Holtzman & Charles Downing

    LHS Jewelry Club

    To expose students to jewelry making as a pastime, offering volunteer opportunites by redirecting club fundraising to charities.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Helene McNanna

    LHS National Organization for Women (NOW)

    This club provides a space to discuss issues regarding gender equality, including but not limited to discussions of and action towards violence against women, LGBTQIA* rights, constitutional equality, and economic justice.

    In addition to hosting roundtables as forums for such discussion, the organization has provided guest speakers and conducted various fundraising and/or service projects in support of minority groups in various locations such as women's shelters.


    Advisor (s): Rachel Henry & Rachel Skerker

    LHS Podcast Club,  "Livingston Says"

    Podcasts are one of the most popular forms of media in today's digital world. This club would give LHS students the platform to share their passion and simultaneously give them experience with a growing form of media.

    The student's discussions will be school-appropriate passions or hobbies that can be presented through podcasts in 10-20 minute episodes. 

    Category: Media/Publications

    Advisor (s): Martha Ackermann & Mrigaya Singh

    LHS Stage Crew, Lighting & Sound Club

    Collabroate with other group members to help build the sets for the LHS Theatre fall drama and spring musical.


    Advisor (s): Brian Megaro

    Livingston AAPI Youth Alliance

    Counteract discrimination and prejudice held against the AAPI community by providing awareness about the historical and cultural importance of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders to the United States. Initiatives will also include mental-health awareness and anti-bullying efforts among the AAPI community.


    Advisor (s): Michael Sunga & Xin Cai

    Livingston High School Lancer Jazz Band and Livingston High School Lab Jazz Band

    The jazz Band will perform at competitions, elementary schools, the jazz band dinner dance, Intergenerational Prom, district art show, district Jazz Festival, etc.

    Category: Art

    Advisor (s): Jim Hegedus and Erik Donough

    Livingston High School Lancer Marching Band

    Perform at all football games, competitions, and town events.

    CategoryAcademic/Curricular, Music

    Advisor (s): Jim Hegedus, Mike Jedwabnik, Erik Donough, Maureen Biss, Emily Nevola, Kenneth Zampella

    Livingston High School Robotics

    To provide students with an opportunity to learn engineering design concepts through the building of robots to meet certain challenges designed by First Robotics and spread knowledge of Robotics through an outreach. 

    Category: Academics/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Danielle DeGraw, Ray Snyder & James Novotny

    Livingston High School Ski & Snowboarding Club

    To encourage a safe and enjoyable fun way to socialize and spend free time skiing and snowboarding.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Marissa Vosa

    Make-A-Wish Club

    To raise money for Make-A-Wish America and Make-A-Wish New Jersey.


    Advisor (s): Mike Munley

    Math Honor Society

    To celebrate mathematical achievement, promote mathematical learning, citizenship, and scholarship

    Category: Honor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s): Pat Catalano

    Math Team

    The purpose of our club is to encourage students to participate in math competitions and pursue the field of mathematics.  

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Pat Catalano

    Meditation & Mindfulness (M&M)

    To educate members about meditation, how it relates to mindfulness, and conduct meditation sessions for members.


    Advisor (s): Taylor Torre

    Microbiology and Botany Club

    This club is meant for those who take interest in how the nature around us works and is built.  People who join this club will be able to experience how plants around us can contribute to what we consume in our everyday lives. People should expect to see how these products are made up through the eyes of a microscope.


    Advisor (s): Megan DeBlieck

    Mock Trial

    Livingston Mock Trial team competes in the NJ State Bar Association county and state competition


    Advisor (s): Alex Lamon

    Mock Government

    To teach and learn about our govenment at the federal, state and local level.

    Category: Academic / Curricular

    Advisor (s): Lauren Wells

    Model UN

    To allow students to delve into global issues, while simulating the structure and process of the UN.


    Advisor (s): Steve Schaible

    Music Business Club

    The purpose of the LHS Music Business club is to expose students to various career opportunities across the music industry, including but not limited to Managers, Artists, Lawyers, Producers, Engineers, and Agents.

    Category: Art

    Advisor (s): Josh Salzman


    We hope to make period products more accessible by collecting and donating sanitary products.  We also hope to host educational classes on menstruation, including gender inclusivity, period poverty, breaking the stigma, etc.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Kieran Nugent

    National Art Honor Society

    To spread art awareness throughout school and the community. To engage in fundraising efforts.


    Advisor (s): Robert Liquori, Jalyza Dragunov, & Katy Collins

    National English Honor Society

    Confer national distinction upon secondary school students for high achievement in English language arts, build a national community of academic achievers, provide, though local chapters, cultural stimulation in high school environments, encourage interest in the English language arts, and serve society by fostering literacy.

    CategoryHonor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s): Michael Sunga & Kelsey Collins

    National History Day 

    To compete in the National History Day competition that is held annually, will allow multiple groups of students to submit projects and participate.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Kathryn Picardo

    National Honor Society

    Category: Honor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s): Lori Perez

    National Technology Honor Society

    The National Technology Honor Society is an educational non-profit that exists to honor, recognize and empower students and teachers in Career & Technical Education. As the honor society for Career & Technical Education.  NTHS serves over 100,000 active members annually in both secondary and postsecondary chapters across the country.

    Category: Honor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s): Dave Richards

    New Student Society

    To meet and support new students as they enter the LHS community, pairing students up with other members.  Also, hosting meetings to bring students together

    CategoryCultural, Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Nicole Rothman & Theresa Cannone

    NORD: Students for Rare Diseases

    To provide a place for awareness and research into various rare diseases. 

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Diane Sigalas


    Notations is a co-ed select vocal ensemble that performs at concerts and community events throughout the year.

    CategoryAcademic/Curricular, Art

    Advisor (s): Dan King

    Ocean Science Bowl

    The purpose of this organization is to povide students with an interest in marine science and/or oceanography to particpate in an academic decathlon suited to their interest.


    Advisor (s): Michelle Augliera & Jamie Kruse

    Operation Smile Club

    To raise awareness and funds to help children that are born with facial deformities.


    Advisor (s): Marissa Vosa

    Organization of Student Tutors

    Successful in providing tutoring to hundreds of families in the community virtually and in person.

    CategoryAcademic/Curricular, Service

    Advisor (s): Adam Berryann

    Paper Bridges

    To send care packages and letters of encouragement to families in need.


    Advisor (s): Alyssa LaMedica

    Peanut Butter & Jelly Club (PB&J)

    To provide snacks for after-school programs and other activities in need of snacks in our community.


    Advisor (s): Marisa Vosa

    People Helping People Club

    The People Helping People Club is a volunteer club that helps both the school and the community.


    Advisor (s): Danielle Felcher


    The Photography club will allow people to learn about the fundamentals of photography, share their work, and look at other people's work for tips and inspiration.

    Category: Media/Publications/Art

    Advisor (s): Jill Tejeda

    Pickleball Club

    Organize inclusive after-school pickleball games for novice and expert players alike.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Maggie Lafferty

    Pony Mayhem Improv Club

    To rehearse for and perform two Improv shows during the school year and to allow students to participate in Improv rehearsals and gain improv skills.

    Category: Social/Recreation, Art

    Advisor (s): Scott Patteson

    Pottery Club

    To foster a calming space for students to paint, glaze, and create pottery projects.  We also donate some finished projects to other organizations.

    Category: Art

    Advisor (s): Noah Meineke

    Pre-Military Club

    The purpose of the Pre-Military Club is to inspire and aid kids in understanding what the military will look and feel like.  To achieve this, we will have a mix of educational classes, as well as information and leadership training.  We plan to invite military personnel from different branches to share their stores with the club. 

    Category: Other

    Advisor (s): Mike Munley

    Public Preservation Club

    The students will work on preserving the condition of public space and our school.  This will give the students the opportunity to give back to the community.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Kelly Rocco

    Psychology Club

    The purpose of the Psychology Club is to teach students about the various fields of psychology through many experiments and information sessions.  While focusing on all aspects, the Psychology Club's goal is to help students develop a greater interest in psychology along with promoting mental health among all students at Livingston High School.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Nick Fernandez

    Radio Club

    Produce live and recorded content for community viewers. 

    Category: Media/Publication

    Advisor (s): Jason Daily

    Real Estate Club

    To educate students about the Real Estate business and opportunities.


    Advisor (s): Michael Ladolcetta

    Red Cross Club

    The Red Cross Club provides opportunities to make a difference. It is a Humanitarian Aid Club with the purpose to help respond to those in need. The Red Cross Club also provides knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare the community, as well as help, respond to emergencies.


    Advisor (s): Sarah Rosenberg

    Rocketry Club

    The Rocketry club is a club where students can research and discuss model rocketry.  Students will learn and employ ideas in aerodynamics, propulsion, and drag through rocket simulations.It will help students understand the engineering, math and science behind rockets. 

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Dorine Starace

    Science Bowl

    Enrich STEM education through fast-paced science/math competitions & practices


    Advisor (s): Michael Coleman & Johanna Frye

    Science League

    To provide LHS students competitions between themselves and students from other schools in selected science areas of study: biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science and environmental science.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Michael Coleman

    Science National Honor Society

    SNHS is a premier scientific organization that empowers young thinkers to be the future of industry, research, and scientific exploration for America. The organization honors academically high -performance students, encourages leadership, and supports academic achievements in the sciences.

    Category: Honor/Recognition

    Advisor (s): Michelle Sipe & Abbie Young

    Science Olympiad

    To advance science knowledge & participation through a STEM program that allows students to apply what they know in a competitive setting.


    Advisor (s): Michelle Sipe and Dorine Starace

    Short Film Production Club

    A haven for storytellers, the Short Film Production Club is a place to cultivate inspirations and learn about the art of telling a story through film. As the independent film industry is often a road taken alone, having a place to share and celebrate a story becomes paramount


    Advisor (s): Jeffrey Dunker

    Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education (SCOPE)

    The purpose and function of this organization is to introduce students to help others earn the same opportunity as they have had or are having.  SCOPE is an organization that sends less fortunate kids to summer camp.  Through the summer camp, they can apply for scholarships for college and other educational opportunities. 


    Advisor (s): Emily Perrine

    Self Improvement Club

    This club is for students who are interested in exercise, such as weightlifting, cardiovascular endurance, circuit training, etc. and either need help achieving their goals and/or are interested in helping others achieve their goals. The main purpose of this club is to help students establish routines and healthy habits to improve their overall well-being.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Cara Dlugo

    Senior Buddies

    This club serves as building tour guides, mentors, and role models for underclassmen and rising freshmen.

    CategoryAcademic/Curricular, Service

    Advisor (s): Michael Munley


    SGA is to promote engagement and advocacy for all students, regardless of identity or background, and to work towards constantly improving our school environment.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Krista Delia & Taylor Torre

    Shirley Tempos

    Shirley Tempos is an unauditioned, student-run treble vocal ensemble.  It's purpose is to provide a socially-oriented, fun, and student driven vocal ensemble experience.


    Advisor (s): Dan King

    Shiv's Third Eye

    The organization raises awareness for parents about youth mental health and wellness, supports families of youth grappling with mental illness, and fundraises to sponsor breakthrough research on treatment-resistant adolescent depression.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Rachel Skerker

    Spanish Honor Society

    The purpose of the Spanish Honor Society is to recognize students who have demonstrated academic excellence in the Spanish lauguage and to promote Spanish culture and interest both in the classroom and in the community.  The goal is to share a love of the Spanish language and culture with everyone.

    CategoryAcademic/Curricular, Cultural, Honor/Special Recognition, Service

    Advisor (s): Susana Fernandez-Poyatos

    Sports Business Club

    The purpose of this club is to inform and educate students about how business is incorporated into the field of sports. Students will have the opportunity to hear from various speakers and ultimately learn and enjoy a new perspective on the sports industry. This club will bring in speakers, have fundraisers, open debates, and events.


    Advisor (s): Cara Dlugo

    Sports Debate Club

    The club would focus on sports discussions, debate, and research for all students who are interested in sports and would like to converse with others in a school environment.

    Category: Social/Recreation

    Advisor (s): Sean Cruz

    Studio Art Club

    The purpose of Studio Art club is to give students the opportunity  to work on their artwork outside of class time with their friends.


    Advisor (s): Deniz Olcay

    Sunrise Movement

    The Sunrise Movement is an organization focused on spreading the word and advocating for environmental issues such as the Green New Deal, pollution, global warming, and climate change.

    Meetings will be held to discuss ways that students can make a difference in our environment and preserve it, while also learning about the global issues that affect society. 


    Advisor (s): Hongkai Zhang

    Teams 4 Kids

    Teams 4 Kids is an organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children play on sports teams. The club achieves this through fundraising, supply drives for sports equipment, and occasional running of sports lessons.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Scott Schroeder

    Techie Teen Tutors

    To provide support to staff, students, and community members with technology needs.

    CategoryMedia/Publications, Service

    Advisor (s): Mary Kaspriskie & James Memory

    TEDx Livingston High School

    The purpose of the club is to train future public speakers and teach public speaking skills, inspire the spread of ideas and spread important ideas. 

    Category: Other - Public Speaking

    Advisor (s): Jacqueline Pascale

    Television Production Club

    We produce TV programs and cover school and community events for TV. The programs simultaneously accomplish real-world student practice, as well as, publicity and information of events.


    Advisor (s): Steven Milano

    The Lance Newspaper

    To publish the school newspaper with articles written by the student body. 


    Advisor (s): Timothy Callahan

    Trial Blazers

    Raise money for curing Pediatric Cancer & raise awareness.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Mickey Ennis & Maggie Lafferty

    Tri-M Music Honor Society

    Recognition for long-standing commitment to the music program, provide opportunities for performance, service as they make their way toward induction.

    CategoryHonor/Special Recognition

    Advisor (s): Nancy Ciminnisi

    Ultimate Frisbee Interest Club

    The purpose of the club is to help expand the sport and have fun playing together.


    Advisor (s): Emily Mann

    UNICEF Club

    The purpose of our organization is to help children that are not as fortunate as the students of Livingston High School. In Livingston, the student body is infinitely more privileged than kids in impoverished countries around the world. For example, many children throughout Asia and Africa are unable to find sanitary water and have proper access to education. In Livingston, there are numerous clubs that cater to local community service, but there are no clubs that cater to community service on a broader scope for children around the world. The UNICEF Club seeks to educate its members on the obstacles that face underprivileged children; it seeks to bind together the student body in an attempt to think of possible solutions to solve particular problems. In addition to this, the UNICEF Club also strives to build long-lasting relationships between members. The UNICEF Club would be both educational and service-based; educating students about social issues but at the same time letting students have a service-based experience on making a difference for children around the world through various fundraisers and events.

    CategoryAcademic/Curricular, Social/Recreation, Service

    Advisor (s): Soukeyna Diop-Tall

    United Way Varsity Letter Club

    This club awards varsity letters to students who have completed 120 or more hours of community service, to recognize those who are working hard within our community in the same way we recognize athletes. This club is created through the United Way International organization, who have created this program to recognize volunteer work.  We will work closely with the local affiliate, the United Way of Northern NJ.

    CategoryHonor/Special Recognition, Service

    Advisor (s): Andrew Nelson


    To encourage and support male singing.


    Advisor (s): Dan King

    We Are One Heart

    To teach and make others aware of Hispanic countries' culture and hardships with the component of help/service.

    Category: Cultural / Service

    Advisor (s): Susana Fernandez-Poyatos

    Web Developer Bootcamp 

    Members will be shown how to compile code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript. The club will specialize in web development and app development to prepare them for a future career path in full-stack development.


    Advisor (s): Ray Snyder

    WESTEM - Women in Entrepreneurship & STEM Club

    WESTEM hopes to provide an empowering, supportive community for young women at LHS interested in pursuing a career in entrepreneurship or STEM.


    Advisor (s): Ilze Kancans

    Women in Business

    Women in Business will focus on encouraging young women to explore various opportunites in the business world that they may be discouraged to do.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor (s): Delancy Hoffman & Alex Lamon


    Creation of the yearbook. 


    Advisor (s): Kelsey Collins & Jim Memory

    Young Hearts Club

    The organization holds monthly events to interact with senior citizens and bring them smiles.  Events may require in-person volunteering or simply dropping off an item at a specific location.

    Category: Service

    Advisor (s): Brett Bisconti