Clubs and Organizations

  • AgTech
    To improve the greenhouse for student to enjoy and to teach students about fresh, healthy food.

    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Brian Megaro

     American Sign Language Club
    To educate about deaf culture and teach basic sign language.
    Category: Service
    Advisor(s): Kelly Nann

    Archery Club
    To educate interested LHS students on the safety and technique of archery while providing opportunities to compete and improve.
    Category: Sports
    Advisor(s): David Jones

    Auditorium Light & Sound
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Amedeo Ciminnisi

    Big "L" Club
    Support the athletic department and sports teams by participating with awards, fashion shows and senior night.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Cara Dlugo


    Discussion of new discoveries in science (i.e., Biology) and preparation for USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) competition.
    Category: Academic
    Advisor(s): Paul Raiz & Melissa Pelullo

    Black and Latino Club
    To provide a safe space to talk about our experiences as black and/or latino students
    Category:  Cultural/Social
    Advisor(s):  Soukeyna Diop-Tall

    Black Student Union
    To foster a community for LHS students to broaden awareness and perspectives in our school by addressing issues that affect the black community, as well as, other social issues involving marginalized groups.
    Category:  Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Antoinette Alston

    Board Game Club
    A social event where people can share their love of board games. Many games require 4+ people to play and this gives everyone an opportunity to participate.
    Category:  Social
    Advisor(s):  Dorte Poyner

    Branch Out
    To give people a place to make new connections and friends and provide everyone with a place to feel included.

    Category:  Social
    Advisor(s):  Jill Tejeda / Natalie Natale

    Breaking The Chain Through Education
    To raise money to help end the cycle of human trafficking in Ghana, Africa and give freed slaves an education. Also to spread awareness of the cause. This is a non-profit organization

    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Eric Weis

    Business Honor Society
    BHS recognizes excellence in secondary business education, promotes leadership and service
    Category: Honor Society
    Advisor(s): Alex Lamon

    CAMFED focuses on revolutionizing the spread of girls’ education by improving prospects and creating a path to independence and influence.
    Category:  Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Kathryn Picardo

    Chamber Orchestra
    Students audition for this advanced honors ensemble, perform and rehearse music at a high level. They perform at each of our concerts and for the All Township Concert
    Website:  Chamber Orchestra

    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Nancy Ciminnisi

    Chamber Singers
    Select female vocal ensemble by audition.
    Website:  Chamber Singers

    Category:  Art/Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Joshua Salzman

    Chess Club
    Teach and play chess for fun. Team is formed for competitions.
    Website:  Chess Club

    Category:  Social/Competition
    Advisor(s):  William Peklo

    Chinese Culture Club
    The aim of Chinese Culture Club is to enhance Livingston High School's understanding of Chinese history and culture through the use of enriching activities and social events.

    Category:  Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Xin Cai

    Chinese Honor Society
    To expand awareness of Chinese culture among the LHS community and celebrate the achievement of distinguished Chinese students.

    Category:  Honor Society
    Advisor(s): Xin Cai

    Christian Club
    Students come to share about their daily experiences and how they utilize their religious beliefs to guide them.

    Category:  Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Tanis Chavanne

    Class of 2021
    Organize prom, set up class fundraising

    Category:  School Spirit
    Advisor(s):  Kelly Rocco / Kimberly Costanzo

    Class of 2022
    Raise money for proms and senior breakfast

    Category:  School Spirit
    Advisor(s):  Kristy Braschi / Priti Peklo

    Class of 2023
    Raising money for both their junior and senior proms as well as promote a fun, healthy school environment through various apparel sales, restaurant blitzes, etc.
    Category:  School Spirit
    Advisor(s):  Rachel Atkins / Anthony Fischer

    Class of 2024
    Raising money for both their junior and senior proms as well as promote a fun, healthy school environment through various apparel sales, restaurant blitzes, etc.
    Category: School Spirit
    Advisor(s): James Memory / Stephanie Molaro

    Communal Drawing Club
    The purpose of the club is to focus on the animation and perspective aspect of drawing while incorporating traditional art values into digital art.
    Category:  Art
    Advisor(s):  Jeanne Ziobro

    To raise money for charities by selling art and crafts.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Kimberly Costanzo

    Dance Sport Club
    The mission of the LHS DanceSport Club is to introduce students to social, ballroom and Latin dances. From the cultural origins to modern adaptations, we strive to teach DanceSport and inspire a new generation. It takes two to tango! or swing, or rumba...the list goes on!
    Category:  Cultural/Social
    Advisor(s):  Johanna Klinman

    Our goal is to create an environment that engages in work reflective upon and appreciative of the diversity of our student body by promoting readership of texts from various perspectives. 
    Category:  Cultural/Social
    Advisor(s):  Rachel Atkins

    Eastern European Club
    To teach others about and experience Eastern European culture.
    Category: Cultural/Social
    Advisor(s): Marisa Vosa

    The EcoLancers are a group of future engineers that build a gasoline prototype car and annually race it at the Shell-Eco Marathon.
    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  David Richards / Jeanne Ziobro / Corey Yersak

    Engineering Club
    Provide members with an understanding of a wide range of the disciplines within engineering through guest speaker presentations, design challenges and possibly participation in STEM-related competitions.
    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Jeanne Ziobro

    Prepare and compete in a natural resources problem-solving competition held in NJ in May versus other high school teams. 
    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Doug Jay / Samantha Aaron

    Eco-Alliance Club
    Raise awareness about climate change and other environmental issues and provide opportunities for students to take action to combat these issues.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Kristi Malone

    Fashion Club
    To discuss trends in fashion and reflect on the ways that current events, culture, economics, etc. influence fashion. 
    Category: Social/Recreation/Art  
    Advisor(s): Jennifer Larsen 

    FBLA is the premier organization for students interested in learning about business. We provide guest speakers, community service events and competitive event opportunities.
    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Margaret Wohltmann and Thomas Garzon

    A multicultural organization open to all students aims to celebrate and share the diverse traditions of the Philippines with school community. In addition, the Filipino Club is a service organization that participates in relief efforts to aid victims of poverty and natural disasters in the Philippines.
    Category:  Cultural/Honor Society
    Advisor(s):  Christina Bravo / Michael Sunga

    Learn the art of Speech and Debate and compete at competitions.
    Website:  Forensics Speech & Debate Team
    Category:  Speech & Debate
    Advisor(s):  Danielle Roger

    Foster 'n' Friends
    The organization hopes to aid foster and homeless children through holding events featured by the organization "Together We Rise" We want to raise money to build birthday boxes, decorate duffle bags, send holiday cards and small gifts, as well as, help the organization to raise money to reunite siblings and send holiday boxes.


    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Jennifer Fredericks

    French Club
    To celebrate and appreciate French language and culture. We will raise money toward Francophone charities.
    Website:  French Club
    Category:  Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Soukeyna Diop-Tall

    French Honor Society
    To celebrate the accomplishments of students in the French curriculum.
    Website:  French Honor Society
    Category:  Honor Society
    Advisor(s):  Gerard Amsellem

    Friendship Circle
    The Friendship Circle Club fundraisers and provides volunteers to the Friendship Circle Organization by providing services and support to individuals with special needs.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Stephen Schaible 

     Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)
    To provide a safe space for the LGBT and allies. To make LHS a more accepting place to learn.
    Category:  Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Andrew Nelson

    Glamour Gals is a nationwide non-profit organization that inspires companionship and conversation with seniors living in residential homes through complimentary beauty makeovers and activities led and organized by teen volunteers. 
    Category: Service
    Advisor(s): Kathryn Picardo

     Green Binz
    The goal of this group is to reduce the amount of trash generated by our community and to donate to the less fortunate. We'll collect and donate new and gently used school supplies.

    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Rachel Atkins

    Green Team
    Plan and execute projects in order to achieve certification in the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program; making LHS a more sustainable place to learn and work.

    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Doug Jay

    To enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality healthcare by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development, and devotion to meeting the needs of the healthcare community.
    Category:  Academic/Service
    Advisor(s):  Johanna Klinman / Mary Kaspriskie

    Helping Hunger
    To work directly with the Livingston Food Pantry: organizing the pantry, holding food drives, doing virtual fundraisers , and raising awareness about hunger problems in Livingston.
    Category: Service
    Advisor(s): Kathryn Picardo

    Hiking Club
    To engage students with nature, and promote positive physical and mental wellbeing of students, especially in a remote learning setting, as well as providing an opportunity for safe, in-person social interaction.
    Category: Social
    Advisor(s): Alex Kuziola

    History Bowl
    The History Bowl Club actively promotes history education by engaging in a competitive approach. The club competes through the year in local competitions hosted by nearby universities.
    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Stephen Schaible

    Inner Circle
    To provide a low-stress theater experience run by students. 
    Category:  Art
    Advisor(s):  Nicholas Mellina

    Inner Voices (Literary Magazine)
    Promotion of the arts, especially creative writing. The magazine includes some student art/photography.
    Category:  Media

    Advisor(s):  Mary Brancaccio

    As a local chapter of the International Youth Neuroscience Association, the club aims to promote scholarly enthusiasm for neuroscience among the LHS community while raising awareness for important neuroscience-related topics.
    Category: Academic
    Advisor(s): Paul Raiz & Melissa Pelullo

    Investing Club
    The purpose of this organization is to allow students with an interest in business and stocks to come together and simulate a real-life experience regarding the sock market.
    Category: Social Recreation
    Advisor(s): Anthony Fischer

    Italian Culture Club
    To teach and organize Italian Culture events inside and outside the school.
    Category:  Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Guy Rabner

    Italian Honor Society
    Recognition of students successful in the study of the Italian language and promotion of language and culture to school and the greater community.
    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Guy Rabner


    The purpose of this organization is to promote self-love and body positivity among our community at LHS. As a chapter of NOW, we will be taking part in events hosted by the national organization in support of women's rights and gender equality.

    Category: Service

    Advisor(s): Rachel Atkins

    To spread art awareness throughout school and community and engage in fundraising efforts.

    Category: Art

    Advisor(s): Amy Newman and Kirsten Angel

    Academic decathlon competition in marine and ocean sciences

    Category: Academic Curricular

    Advisor(s): Douglas Jay

    Category: Service

    Advisor(s): Alyssa LaMedica

    The People Helping People Club is a volunteer club that helps both the school and the community

    Category: Service

    Advisor(s): Maggie Lafferty

    To engage in academic discussions about Philosophical and historical topics to encourage deep thinking and free expression.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor(s): Kathryn Picardo


    To engage in the creation of ceramic pottery and learn the finer points of its function.

    Category: Art

    Advisor(s): Noah Meineke


    The Red Cross Club provides opportunities to make a difference. It is a Humanitarian Aid Club with the purpose to help respond to those in need. The Red Cross Club also provides knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare the community, as well as help, respond to emergencies.

    Category: Service

    Advisor(s): Sarah Rosenberg



    To raise awareness of the need for mainstream adaptive clothing and inclusion of people with disabilities.

    Category: Diversity & Inclusion

    Advisory(s): Taylor Torre

    We learn about topics in science and math through a buzzer-style competition. We host weekly practices and attend an annual tournament in February at Princeton.

    Category: Academic/Curricular

    Advisor(s): Johanna Klinman & Michael Coleman

    Recognizes academic achievement; students provide service to LHS science community

    Category: Academic/Curricular, Honor/Special Recognition, Service

    Advisor(s): Melissa Pelullo, Michelle Sipe, Abbie Young

    Engage in STEM competitions and builds to further science education and team building.

    Category: Academic/Curricular, Science/STEM

    Advisor(s): Michelle Sipe and Dorine Starace

    Category: Service

    Advisor(s): Taylor Torre

    The purpose of Upcycle Club is to educate students on the scientific aspects of textile, fashion, and homeware sustainability. With the exponential increase of fast textile and fashion companies entering the market today, the amount of waste being generated has detrimental effects to our environment and society that many are unaware of. Some topics our club will discuss are the benefits of thrifting and upcycling clothing and homeware, the significance of being a sustainable consumer, and the behind-the-scenes of fast fashion companies such as H&M and Zara. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our club will give back to the community and promote our message of sustainability and repurposing. We can start clothing drives and fundraisers for homeless shelters and organizations such as the Bridges Outreach. We will also host activities for members like upcycling old clothing by dying or cutting them.

    Category: Academic/Curricular, Art, Service

    Advisor(s): Sarah Rosenberg


  • Jewish Israeli Club
    To expand the knowledge of students of the Jewish religion and Israeli culture in the community.

    Category:  Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Susana Fernandez-Poyatos

    Junior Students of America
    Getting students involved in government at all levels and better understanding American politics/democracy.
    Category: Political
    Advisor(s): Amy Meyer

    Key Club
    Volunteering organization to help out those in community and beyond.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Michael Ladolcetta / Val Desamours

    Kickball Club

    Category: Intramural
    Advisor(s): Kelly Nann

    Lancer E-Sports

    Category: Social
    Advisor(s): Matthew Cheng

    Lancer Jazz Band and Lab Jazz Band
    To perform at competitions, elementary schools, District Jazz Festival, LHS jazz festival, District Art Show, Intergenerational Prom, etc.
    Category: Music
    Advisor(s): James Hegedus / Erik Donough

    Leo Club
    School and community service club for students who like to volunteer their time to help LHS and Livingston.
    Website:  Leo Club
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Matthew Cheng

    LHS's National Organization for Women
    The purpose of this organization is to promote self-love and body positivity among our community at LHS. As a chapter of NOW, we will be taking part in events hosted by the national organization in support of women's rights and gender equality.
    Category: Service
    Advisor(s): Rachel Atkins

    "Livingston Minds Matter” is committed to bringing awareness to mental health concerns, advocating for normalizing and destigmatizing the conversation around mental illness, and promoting resources to support mental health. The goal of the club is to promote social connectedness, encourage self-care and healthy habits, and increase help-seeking behaviors.
    Category: Service / Social
    Advisor (s): Christie Giacobbe, Erin Field, Marjorie Duffy, Sarah Joseph

    Marching Band
    Perform at all football games, competitions and town events.
    Website:  Marching Band

    Category:  Music
    Advisor(s):  James Hegedus / Micahel Jedwabnik

    Math Honor Society
    To promote love of math and honor students.
    Website:  Math Honor Society

    Category:  Academic/Honor Society
    Advisor(s):  Leslie Keeble / Kelly Rocco

    Math Team
    Participate in math competitions
    Website:  Math Team

    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Leslie Keeble / Kelly Rocco

    Meditation Club
    A place and time to practice mindfulness and meditation.

    Category:  Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Doug Jay

    Microorganism Experimentation and Ecology Club
    Students will discover and discuss the science behind breeding and caring for microorganisms and ecology on a microscopic level within their own homes through activities including fermentation and caring for houseplants as a hobby.
    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s): Megan DeBlieck

    Mindcraft Club
    Provide a platform for students to connect in the digital world of Mindcraft.
    Category:  Social
    Advisor(s):Jeanne Ziobro

    Mock Congress

    The purpose and function of this club is to increase the knowledge regarding our governmental institutions. Specifically, we will simulate the legislative function in regards to current political questions.
    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Kathryn Picardo

    Mock Trial
    Mock Trial is a team competition. We compete with other schools in county, regional and state competitions.

    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Alex Lamon

    National English Honor Society
    Promote and celebrate English in the school and society.

    Category:  Honor Society
    Advisor(s):  Amanda Buyes / Jessica Rivchin

    National Honor Society
    To promote a commitment to leadership, scholarship, service, and character.
    Website:  National Honor Society

    Category:  Honor Society
    Advisor(s):  Lori Perez / Kathryn Picardo

    National Spanish Honor Society
    Aid community through hosting events such as multicultural night, ESL night, Spanish Heritage night, various fundraisers and drives to collect necessary materials for those in need. Tutoring at all schools.
    Website:  Spanish Honor Society
    Category:  Cultural/Honor Society/Service

    Advisor(s):  Susana Fernandez-Poyatos

    Newspaper (The Lance)
    To produce a newspaper entirely written and edited by students. The newspaper is distributed to the entire high school.

    Category:  Media
    Advisor(s):  Joseph Trad

    NJ Science League
    Compete against schools in NJ in all areas of science.

    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Susan Spadafina

    Select co-ed vocal ensemble by audition.
    Website:  Notations

    Category:  Art/Cultural
    Advisor(s):  Joshua Salzman

    Operation Smile
    To raise awareness and funds to help children that are born with facial deformities.
    Website:  Operation Smilth

    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Marisa Vosa

    Organization of Student Tutors
    To provide tutoring and other support to our LHS students.

    Category:  Academic/Service
    Advisor(s):  Adam Berryann

    Peanut Butter & Jelly Club
    To provide snacks for afterschool programs and other programs in need of snacks in our community.
    Website:  Peanut Butter & Jelly Club

    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Marisa Vosa

    Philosophy Club
    To present philosophical questions such as "does free will exist" and allow open space for discussion/debate. Afterwards, we would reflect on changes in opinion and look for common grounds.

    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Kathryn Picardo

    Productivity Club
    To maximize student's efficiency in achieving their academic and personal goals through engaging discussions, mini-lessons, and other methods to guide students on the path to success.

    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Charles Downing

    Red Cross Club
    The Red Cross Club provides opportunities to make a difference. It is a Humanitarian Aid Club with the purpose to help respond to those in need. The Red Cross Club also provides knowledge and life-saving skills to help prepare the community, as well as help respond to emergencies.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):Sarah Rosenberg

    Republican Club
    Inform, Discuss and debate politics.

    Category:  Political
    Advisor(s):  Amy Meyer / Michael Ladolcetta

    Revamped Style Club
    The purpose of this club is to collect shoes from students, staff and community members, repurpose, redecorate, and donate. This is upcycling and re-purposing at its best.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s): Maggie Wohltmann

    To build a robot and compete in regional, state and potentially world competitions. Perform outreach and STEM meeting to heighten awareness in the community.

    Category:  STEM
    Advisor(s):  Jeanne Ziobro

    Science National Honor Society
    The Science National Honor Society (SNHS) offers students who maintain a high GPA in science classes and who are taking Honor and AP sciences, an opportunity to come together for career guidance, tutoring, environmental activism, exploring science resources in the community and educational outreach programs.
    Website:  Science National Honor Society

    Category:  Academic/Honor Society
    Advisor(s):  Michelle Sipe / Melissa Pelullo / Abbie Young

    Science Olympiad
    To prepare for the NJ regional and state Science Olympiad competitions and perhaps invitational tournament.
    Website:  Science Olympiad

    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Michelle Sipe / Dorine Starace

    Senior Buddies
    "A club that pairs friendly Senior students who show leadership traits with incoming Freshmen, helping them navigate the in's and out's of LHS!"
    Category: Service
    Advisor(s): Michael Munley


    Ski and Snowboard Club
    To build a sense of community within our school through our love of skiing.

    Category:  Social
    Advisor(s):  Marisa Vosa

    Sports Business Club
    The purpose of this club is to inform and educate kids within the High School about how business is incorporated into the field of sports. Due to the fact that this is a career path that interests many athletes, people will have the opportunity to hear from various speakers, learn more about how sports business works and to ultimately learn and enjoy a new lens of sports. This club will bring in speakers, have fundraisers, open debates, and events.
    Category:  Social
    Advisor(s):  Cara Dlugo

    Stage Crew
    To build the set for the fall drama and spring musical.

    Category:  Art
    Advisor(s):  Brian Megaro

    Studio Art Club
    The purpose of the Studio Art Club is to provide a venue for student-artists to create their artwork, build friendships with other artists, and get/give feedback about their artwork.
    Category:  Art
    Advisor(s): Deniz Olcay

    Tri-M Music Honor Society
    Honor Society-community service through performances and volunteerism.

    Category:  Honor Society
    Advisor(s):  Nancy Ciminnisi

    TV Production Club
    Experienced TV students, having successful completing TV production I, can continue their production experience by serving as crew for the school district and community. Events are taped to be aired on one of the three community access channels on cable and FiOS TV. Productions include concerts, debates, Board of Education meetings, talk show, local sports, parades, and more.

    Category:  Media
    Advisor(s):  Steve Milano

    Ultimate Frisbee Club
    To promote Frisbee within LHS and the Livingston community.

    Category:  Social
    Advisor(s):  Stephen Schaible

    UNICEF Club
    The UNICEF Club seeks to educate its members on the obstacles that face underprivileged children; it seeks to bind together the student body in an attempt to think of possible solutions to solve particular problems through various fundraisers and events.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s): Soukeyna Diop-Tall

    United Way Varsity Letter Club
    We are awarding and recognizing students who have completed exemplary volunteer work throughout the year with varsity letters sponsored by United Way.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s): Stephanie Molaro

    Upcycle Club
    The purpose of Upcycle Club is to educate students on the scientific aspects of textile, fashion, and homeware sustainability. With the exponential increase of fast textile and fashion companies entering the market today, the amount of waste being generated has detrimental effects to our environment and society that many are unaware of.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s): Diane Mondoro & Andrew Nelson

    World Of Change

    Interested students will have change purses to collect loose change which would then be donated to organizations R baby, Horizons School of Livingston and Play for Pink foundation.
    Category:  Service
    Advisor(s):  Oscar Benavides

    Students must apply to the advisors for admission to these work sessions. As staff members, they have opportunities in their areas of interest (art, photography, writing, typing, and business management). For more information, go to LHS Yearbook.
    Website:  Yearbook

    Category:  Academic
    Advisor(s):  Diane Sigalas  /  James Memory