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  • Beyonce’s Questionable Performance

    Posted by Lily Rodino '17 on 2/29/2016 9:40:00 AM

    The last time Beyonce romped around the Super Bowl stage, she put on an impressive, enticing performance to her song Crazy In Love. By contrast, this year her motives seemed to be more politically rooted.

    Her costume appeared to support the infamous Black Panthers, Malcolm X, and the Black Lives Matter movement. Her dancers all wore afro hairstyles and black berets. An X was formed on their clothing and they also punched the air with their fists. These outfits and motions caused a spark across America. Many people believe that the gun-toting Black Panthers Beyonce saluted were murderous criminals who shot police and committed extortion.

    These same people also believe that the tribute to Malcolm X was inappropriate, and potentially revitalized the opposition of Martin Luther King’s non-violent practices.

    Not shockingly, many football fans are complaining that her performance was a misuse of purpose and to a certain extent arrogant. Large numbers of Americans believe that Beyonce just might have hijacked one of America’s biggest family events to serve her own
    personal motives.

    Beyonce’s performance is not without its supporters. Mainstream media and some people are choosing to support her decision. Many are applauding her courage for speaking out against police racism and for sticking up for what
    she believes in.

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  • Staying Entertained Over Break

    Posted by Trevor Wood '16 on 1/22/2016 9:40:00 AM

    After the holidays, spending time with family, and even just those first couple days of much needed rest and relaxation, winter break can move a little slow. If you’re staying in town this year, here are some ways to entertain yourself over the break.

    Winter break is the perfect time to catch up on your favorite shows, or even start a new one. Without the stress of daily homework, or the necessity to wake up early, there’s plenty of time to spend curled up under a blanket in front of the TV. There’s a wide range of TV shows and movies at your disposal on Netflix and elsewhere.

    Movies and TV shows are great, but there’s something extra special about getting lost in a book. If you’re sitting around with nothing to do, pick out a new book, or reread an old favorite. If you don’t have one in mind, a trip to the bookstore or the local library is a definitive way to find something to read.

    Day Trips
    Sometimes sitting around at home can get a little boring. Even with the wide array of entertainment available, nothing beats going out. Take a couple of friends and visit some place new. New York City is only a short train ride away, and there are endless shops, restaurants, and museums to fill your time.

    College Visits
    Almost every high schooler is thinking about college to some degree. Winter break gives plenty of time to visit college campuses. Even without a formal tour, just visiting a school and exploring it for yourself can give much needed insight.

    Spending Time With Family
    After the holiday season, family time may be the last thing on all of our minds. Still, you’d be surprised just how much fun you can have spending the day, or even a few hours, with the most important people in your life. With the new year quickly approaching, family bonding time is sure to set things off on the right foot.

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  • TV Review: The Flash

    Posted by Zachary Xue ‘19 on 1/22/2016 9:40:00 AM

    The CW series The Flash returned for a second season this fall, continuing with the solid ratings from last year.

    At age 11, Barry Allen’s life was changed forever when his mother was killed and his innocent father was convicted of the murder. 15 years later, Barry is working at the CCPD as a forensics scientist. Yet something keeps bringing him back to his mother’s case.

    A particle accelerator explosion created accidentally by S.T.A.R. Labs ripples across Central City and bathes Central City in an unusual radiation. This leads to Barry to be struck by lightning, leaving him unconscious and fighting for life.

    Nine months later, Barry wakes up to find himself with powers of super speed. With the help of Dr. Snow, Cisco Ramon, and founder of S.T.A.R. Labs, Harrison Wells, Barry dons the name of The Flash vows to protect the citizens from the various “metahumans” that were created from the explosion.
    Barry now believes that he can now find out who truly murdered his mother that fateful night. Barry develops relationships with pivotal characters such as Iris West, Joe West, Henry Allen, and even the Reverse Flash.

    Overall, The Flash continues to please audiences with a naturally light hearted atmosphere and distinctive visuals. The superhero series features a strong character lineup with various aspects of a serious drama that makes it geared towards fans of the comics and novices as well.

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  • The Strange Pop Culture Trends of 2015

    Posted by Carly Reid '16 on 1/22/2016 9:40:00 AM

    The strange pop culture trends of 2015 has been a lot. Our favorite mega stars have made us laugh, made us cry, and made us question humanity. Here are some of the events of pop culture you may have forgotten about in this busy and interesting year.

    5. The Dress
    Sorry, but it needs to be said. This ugly dress took social media by storm, It made us go crazy, losing friends and family in the process, when it was really just a test of our perception.

    4. Hoverboards
    Claiming they were an invention worthy of Back to the Future, Everyone rode around on these sideways skateboards and claimed they were futuristic hoverboards, even though they clearly have wheels. They are even so dangerous they have been banned on many college campuses and all of New York City.

    3. Man Buns
    There is no reason why, but all of a sudden, every man with long hair or aspiring hipsters got a man bun. In the future, we’ll look back at man buns in the same way we look back at wet-look hair-gelled quiffs now.

    2. Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
    Kylie Jenner, who originally claimed her lips magically got better because of age and her improving makeup skills, Teens messed up their faces trying to make their lips looks like Kylie Jenner’s, most of the time experiencing major regret and even going to the hospital.

    1. Netflix and Chill
    Coming in at number one, is, of course, the ubiquitous “netflix and chill.” This euphemism for hooking up quickly became the slang term of 2015. The phrase quickly blew up on the Internet with hilarious memes, Vines, and other hilarious reactions. While its origins date back all the way to 2007, it is only now a part of mainstream vocabulary, a frightening trend that accurately sums up 2015.

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