• Here is a list of our word wall words we have learned in school. Please practice writing, reading, spelling, clapping and tapping out these words at home!
    all, go, with, day, see, the
    my, said, no, like, went, are
    he, she, me, by, his
    be, how, have, am, down
    we, her, you, need, to
    for, look, come, your, was
    of, some, little, does, good
    put, they, has, new, about
    boy, girl, one, more, or
    call, from, what, been, were
    where, who, give, done, once
    under, there, pull, push, these
    read, took, because, why, try
    very, open, until, only, saw 
    own, away, should, could, would
    her, their, over, hold, keep 
    our, going, end, also, both
    want, two, word, stay, people
    many, near, fly, shouted, too
Last Modified on March 20, 2023