• Reading Workshop


    Reading Workshop is a time of day when young readers explore books.  We are learning how to be good reading partners.  The children know the difference between private reading time and share time.  And they know that during share time, it gets a little noisy because we are talking meaningfully about our books.  We also know that we can talk about pictures, words, characters or what's happening in the story at share time.  We learn from each other.  

    Writing Workshop


    Writers are storytellers, and we all have a story or two to tell!  We have learned that we can write about many topics and tell a story.  We know that whatever the topic of the story, it needs to have pictures that show a lot of details, words or labels that help tell more, and it needs to be neat so our readers can figure out what we are writing about.  After stories are finished, sometimes we fancy them up with crayons and share them on a special share day.



Reading and Writing Workshop

Last Modified on August 29, 2022