National Spanish Honor Society (Advisor: Susana Fernández-Poyatos)


    What are the qualifications to be eligible? 

    • A student may be admitted during the fourth year of language study of Spanish if he or she received no less than an "A-" as a final grade for College Prep level Spanish 1, 2, or 3 courses as a final grade, or no less than a "B-" as a final grade for Honors level Spanish 2 or 3 courses.

    •  If the student does not meet the above mentioned criteria as a fourth year student, he or she may also be inducted during the fifth year of study provided that the student has maintained an average of B- or higher in an Honors level course or A/A- in a College Prep course. 

    • In addition, the student must maintain a grade of B- in an AP or College Prep level 5 course to enjoy continued membership in the Spanish Honor Societies. 


    Are students invited to apply? If so, when? Or do students need to reach out to the advisor to show interest? And also, when?

    • Students are invited to apply in October


    When is the induction ceremony held?

    • Usually held early to mid November