• Homework


    Reading: All students should be reading for at least 20 minutes each night. This could include independent reading, read aloud, listening to someone else read, listening to audio books, etc.


    Word Study: For students in my word study group, the homework follows a weekly routine. Students are given new words from their sort on Monday, then each night they complete a different activity with their words. This information is also in their word study notebook on the inside front cover.

    • Monday: Written Sort. Use your sorting mat to sort your words. Then write the sort into your notebook.
    • Tuesday: Vowel Find. On your written sort, underline all the vowels in each word.
    • Wednesday: Draw and Label. Choose 10 words from your sort. Draw a picture and label each of those 10 words.
    • Thursday: Sentences. Choose 10 words from your sort. Write one sentence for each word. Underline the word in your sentence. Check for a capital letter and punctuation.