2024-2025 Scheduling Center

  • Dear LHS Students:

    Please visit this page for updates on 2024-2025 scheduling. You are encouraged to review the LHS 2024-2025 Course Guide prior to making course selections. It is equally important that you develop a well-rounded program that not only addresses academic rigor, but also enables you to have a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Your interests, current level of performance in the various subject areas and your teachers’ recommendations are the best predictors of your future success at the higher level. In your schedule decision-making process, please think about your current involvement with outside organizations and possible time commitments for LHS sports and co-curricular activities you may join.


  • Many core courses are offered through Livingston High School on different ability levels: General, College Preparatory, Honors, and Advanced Placement. It is important for students to consider their interests, abilities, and time constraints when selecting a course schedule and especially a course level. One Honors or AP course might work with a rigorous sports schedule, but three AP courses might negatively impact a student’s life. Remember that courses should be selected based on individual abilities and needs.

    General classes are based on the recommendation of the Child Study Team for students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP). These courses are designed to accommodate various learning needs and differences. Specialized instruction is an imperative within these classes, helping students to achieve their individualized goals and objectives while providing instruction that targets the curricular standards for the subject.

    College Preparatory (CP) classes are the standard college preparatory level courses requiring students to work independently and have strong organizational skills.  

    Honors Level (H) courses require advanced facility with reading, written and spoken language. Strong organizational skills and the ability for a student to work independently are required. Students are challenged to think abstractly and to demonstrate a facility with problem-solving skills in honors level classes. Students are expected to engage in independent study and learning. 

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses follow a national curriculum that presents college-level work to high school students. AP courses require advanced facility with reading, written and spoken language. The pace of these courses requires advanced skills related to work ethic, and thinking and reasoning skills.  Students are encouraged and expected to take the AP level exam in the subject studied; however, taking the AP exam is not a requirement. AP courses are demanding and require a high amount of independent study and learning on the part of the student.

    Open Access

    Livingston High School is committed to providing all students access to curriculum and courses. Encouraging students to enroll in challenging courses provides the opportunity for students to raise their achievement levels, ensure postsecondary success, and career readiness.

    Classes are offered at various levels of difficulty. Students are supported in taking rigorous courses at the Honors or Advanced Placement (AP) level in areas where they have interest or career aspirations. Past performance, student success and teacher recommendation in a subject area are key indicators of future success. 

    LHS offers open access for all students to take Honors and AP courses. These courses follow a rigorous curriculum extension of the college preparatory course and often require higher levels of workload, including extensive independent study by the students. 

    Teachers make recommendations from required applications to guide students to select the most appropriate program and course level. In considering these recommendations, students and parents are encouraged to select an appropriate course load that balances curriculum demands with a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. 

    Open Access is designed to create opportunities for students to challenge themselves in areas of interest.  It is not meant to create “course sampling.”  By selecting a course against a teacher recommendation, students are expected to commit themselves to the coursework.  In addition to teacher recommendations, school counselors are available to assist and support students and parents throughout the scheduling process. Students are encouraged to visit classes of interest during Course Preview Day (and visit the course overview screencasts available online) and communicate with their teachers about recommendations, as well as with their parent(s) in preparation of selecting their courses with their school counselor.

    Parents and students should consider every Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors course selection carefully to ensure success and avoid dramatic schedule changes. Students are expected to maintain the pace of an Honors or an AP course throughout the year. Communication will be prioritized for students who earn a grade of a C- or below at the end of the first quarter to include teachers, school counselors, and/or administrators meeting with students and families to assist individuals in making good decisions and determining a plan for moving forward in the school year. In specific cases, administrative discretion will be used as necessary, including decisions regarding future scheduling plans. Students choosing to drop the course during the last schedule change window, will have a Withdraw, “W,” noted on their transcript for the dropped class.


    • Students will need administrator approval to self-select an AP course after taking the prerequisite at the CP level.
    • Should a student decide to change to a lower level course during one of the Schedule Change Windows, that student may require administrative approval prior to self-selecting into the higher level course in that subject again the following year.
    • Please know that during the school year, school administrators will work with families and school counselors and use their discretion to change a student’s course level based on academic performance or other circumstances.

    Course Availability

    It is advisable that students consider additional/alternate course options during their scheduling process in the event that a course may not be offered or fit into their schedule. A course may not be offered during a given school year for many reasons (see below). Conversely, student schedules and/or graduation requirements may also impact whether or not a student can enroll in a given course. 

    • Class size limits. Limits are established in order to provide optimal educational opportunities for students, and the district makes every attempt to adhere to these limits.
    • Low enrollment.
    • Budgetary constraints.

    In order to provide the broadest program possible to meet the individual needs of students, a wide selection of electives is available in all subject areas. Most of these courses are offered on a full-year basis; however, there are also semester course offerings. For information regarding level changes, please see the Schedule Change Procedures section