Request a Transcript

  • Process for Requesting an Official Transcript

    Current Underclassmen
    For underclassmen who need a copy of your LHS transcript, the process is as follows:

    1. In order to request a transcript, a parent must first complete our consent form.
    2. After completing the consent form, a parent must complete our online Transcript Request Form.
    3. If a letter of recommendation is required from a school counselor to accompany a summer program application, please complete the Brag Sheet and provide to your school counselor.

    Please note: This process is for students in grades 9 - 11 only who are requesting your LHS transcript.

    Parents: Please log into our online request form and complete using the same email address that you have provided as your contact in Genesis.

    Students should NOT be completing this transcript request form.

    LHS transcripts are not emailed to students or parents. If you need a copy of your transcript for personal reasons, it can be picked up from school.

    Please allow at least 48 hours for us to process your request. If you enter a request over the weekend or during a break, your request will be processed upon our return to school. If you have any questions, please contact the School Counseling office at 973-535-8000 ext. 8060 or ext. 6931.

    PLEASE NOTE: This form should not be completed if you are transferring to another school or moving. Please reach out to your school counselor if you are transferring to another school to complete the withdraw process.


    Current Seniors
    Students and parents are sent the LHS Blanket Authorization Form for all transcripts needed for post-secondary applications beginning in the Spring of your 11th grade year. This authorization form authorizes the LHS School Counseling Department to release records to accompany your child's post-secondary (college) applications. In addition, this form contains the Livingston High School FERPA waiver regarding letters of recommendation.
    LHS Alumni
    If you are an alumni of Livingston High School and need an official transcript, please complete all information on the Alumni Transcript Request form (one school per form). After clicking the DONE button, use the PRINT button to make a copy and enclose it along with the $10.00 fee and send them to Mrs. Terrie Lieberman, Livingston High School, 30 Robert Harp Drive, Livingston, NJ 07039. After printing, use the CLOSE button to complete the request.