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    New Jersey Math League
    All are invite to participate - normally held on the second Tursday of each month (Oct - March).  Check for the schedule in your classroom or the math team calendar 
    Click below
    Seton Hall Competition
    must show an interested - depending on interest, you may have to be selected - we have 20 spots most years 
    Princeton University Math Contest 
    invite only - you must qualify for this team 
    Competitions done in school 
    All students are invite to paricipate 


    Past Essex County
    Math League
    you must qualify for this team.  Qualifies are normally run in April or May 




    American Mathematics Competition

    must be invited by a teacher 


    Second stage of

    American Mathematics Competition

    must qualify through AMC competition 
    consider joining the Math Honors Society - you must participate in at least 5 contest to be considered 
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