District Administration

  • Superintendent of Schools 
    Dr. Matthew J. Block
    Email: mblock@livingston.org  
    Ms. Toni McLaughlin
    Executive Assistant to Dr. Block
    Email: tmclaughlin@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8011 / FAX: 844-372-5372
    Assistant Superintendent
    Mrs. Lisa Capone-Steiger
    Email: lsteiger@livingston.org
    Ms. Erin Crookhorn
    Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Capone-Steiger
    Email: ecrookhorn@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8032 / FAX: 844-376-2414
    School Business Administrator/Board Secretary
    Mr. Steven K. Robinson
    Email: srobinson@livingston.org
    Ms. Joann Goldberg
    Administrative Assistant to Mr. Robinson
    Email: jgoldberg@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8012 / FAX: 844-372-5372
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction-Humanities and Staff Development
    Mrs. Marybeth Kopacz
    Email: mkopacz@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8021
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction-STEM and Testing
    Mrs. Natalie Topylko
    Email: ntopylko@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8904
    Director of Instructional Technology
    Mrs. Erin Borino
    Email: eborino@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8175
    Director of School Counseling
    Mrs. Sinead Crews
    Email: screws@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8137
    Director of Special Education (Grades 6-12)
    Dr. Emily Sortino (as of 8/1/2019)
    Email: esortino@livingston.org 
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8048
    Director of Special Education (Grades PreK-5)
    Dr. Blair Rosenthal-Skowronek
    Email: brosenthal@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8107