• STEAMtank Design Challenges Bank

    This site is a bank of STEAM design challenges. It includes work generated by teachers who took the STEAMtank PD course with Mara Rubin (Livingston Fine Arts Supervisor) and Dorian Gemellaro (Livingston Science Supervisor, PreK-6) and the professional learning communities formed at RH with Jo Tandler (Principal) and Dorian Gemellaro. The grade levels are suggestions, and the challenges may be modified. 

    We would like this site to be a resource that teachers can access to incorporate STEAM into their classrooms! 





    Duck on a Bike
    Students create the scenes from the book Duck on a Bike on a grid. Then they program the Beebot to sync with the readers theater!


    Goat in the Garden
    Students listen to a Puerto Rican folktale. They need to find a way to keep the goat out of the garden!



    Arcade Games
    Students to create their own arcade games, electronics included, using Caine's Arcade as inspiration!



    The Trumpet Swan

    Students learn how animals communicate. Then use computer programming to make a soundtrack for an animal. 

    Recycled Orchestra
    Students create musical instruments using Landfill Philharmonic as inspiration!

    Pilgrim's Shelter
    Students learn about the pilgrims and design a house that will withstand the winter!


    Revolutionary War Transportation
    Students create a way to get supplies from place to place during the Revolutionary War!


    Art Tools
    Students learn how artists with disabilites create their work. Students then create an aid for an artist. 

    Leprechaun's Luck
    Students find the leprechaun's hidden gold. Now they have to find a way to transport it!



    Cartesian Plane Art
    Students study the Cartesian plane, learn about 3 dimensions, and create art based on a 3D coordinate grid!


    A Separate Peace
    Students read the classic novel and create a device to allow the protagonist to get around compass.


    Students read Hatchet and create water filters so the protagonist can get clean water. 




Last Modified on March 14, 2018