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A Community of Readers


In its continuous efforts to promote a reading culture, Livingston High School held its 4th annual “LHS Summer Reading Lollapalooza!”

Over the summer, students chose two books to read from lists provided by the school. This year, more than 140 staff members and seniors agreed to moderate book talks, so there were more than enough books from which to choose. From autobiographies to fiction, classics to modern… there was literally something for everyone!

Last Thursday and Friday, September 5 and 6, students gathered for one hour book club-style forums. They came together to chat about what they read, guided by questions and topics suggested by the forum leaders. In addition to dozens of LHS teachers and seniors, district administrators also volunteered to be a part of the Lollapalooza, including Superintendent Dr. Matt Block, Assistant Superintendent Lisa Steiger, Curriculum Directors Marybeth Kopacz and Natalie Topylko, LHS Principal Mark Stern, and Assistant Principals Marjorie Duffy, Mary Kate Pretto, and Danielle Rosenzwieg.

Principal Stern went a step above and beyond by bringing in a special guest –  Mark Feinsand, co-author of “Mission 27: A New Boss, A New Ballpark and One Last Rink for the Yankees’ Core Four.” Students were treated to a book talk, book signing and Q&A session!

In their letter to parents and students Kevin Wittmack and Principal Mark Stern stated that they want to send a message that Livingston High School is a community of readers. “Reading is not the domain of solely the English department, but an activity that transcends discipline or department. All of us read to live; it fills our heads and nurtures our souls.”

While all of the forums were unique and the books different, the message was the same: reading should be a celebration!