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9th Grade Chess Champs!

chess team members

The LHS Chess Team just started its season and on Sunday, November 20, competed in the NJ Grade School Chess Championship. In this competition, which was attended by players from all across the state, the students are separated by grade and compete only with other students at their grade level. The LHS 9th grade players finished in first place. In addition, three students won individual trophies, including Aston Roberts (1st overall 9th grade player), Lev Koganov (2nd overall 9th grade player) and Alan Hu (3rd overall 11th grade player)!


LHS 9th grade players finished in first place with the following scores:


  • Aston Roberts 4.5/5 (1st overall 9th grade player)
  • Lev Koganov 4/5 (2nd overall 9th grade player)
  • Ethan Lee 2.5/5
  • Rohit Azhagu 2/5
  • Aayush Saxena 2/5
  • Aviral Bhardwaj 2/5


  • Eric Guo 3/5
  • Max Feldman 1/5


  • Alan Hu 4/5 (3rd overall 11th grade player)
  • Theophile Oubrier 1.5/5


The team will be competing against other schools throughout the winter and will compete at the state championship tournament in March.