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2024 Essex County Student Artist Awards

art award winners

art award winnerThree Livingston High School students and three Riker Hill Elementary students recently received the Essex County Executive 2024 Student Artist Award. The winners were invited to an awards ceremony and the winning artwork was displayed at the Hall of Records in Newark.


LHS Winners


LHS winners included sophomore Brooklyn Phillip, junior Hanna Shi and junior Riley Skrief. They are taught by Mr. Christopher Iannuzzi.


"The Web" by Skrief is the eighth piece in a series and is meant to represent the fear of spiders, as well as manipulation. Webs can be spun of either silk or lies, and it is terrifying no matter what it's made of.


Phillip created a digital pen and ink illustration of American actor Keith Powers using traditional style techniques, while working in Corel Painter and using a Wacom drawing tablet.


Shi’s "Flaring" is the seventh piece in her sustained artistic investigation of how humans impact the environment.The piece focuses on the impact of industrialization and extraction of fossil fuels on the environment. The darkened city background demonstrates the adverse effect of extracting natural gas and flaring on the atmosphere.


Riker Hill Winners


At Riker Hill, fourth graders Tru Blue, Alexa Zhong and Kseniia Dovban earned awards. Alexa created bird art using charcoal. Tru and Kseniia both used sewing techniques, burlap, and paper collage to create their art inspired by the Molas of Panama. The fourth graders are taught by Ms. Nidhi Benjamin. READ MORE HERE!


winning artwork