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LHS Team Takes Top Spot in M3 Challenge

winnersA team of LHS students including Harsh Akunuri, Timothy Wu, Nathan Zhang, Kevin Zhang, and Olivia Mei placed third in the M3 Math Modeling Competition! With 655 teams across the UK and US entering the competition, this is an amazing finish! With their third place finish, the students received $10,000 in scholarship money and attended an award ceremony at Jane Street Financial Company, receiving a tour of the facility and swag during their time there!

The competition involved the students being presented with a real-world problem (homelessness and its effect over a course of 10, 20 and 50 years) and having to solve related questions. The students chose a 14-hour window over a weekend in March to work on their problem, arrive at the best solution, and submit a 20 page executive summary and brief.


The students were advised by Cheryl Coursen.