PHYSICAL EDUCATION (015, 025, 035, 045)

Physical Education
At each grade level, a series of courses are designed to develop student knowledge, attitudes, and skill competencies in target goal areas of physical fitness and wellness, sports education, creativity, and problem solving. Through participation in a comprehensive, personalized approach to fitness, students will learn concepts and techniques of assessment and prescription, nutrition, weight control, stress management, and physical training. Personal development and social critical thinking are enhanced through participation in cooperative games and an experience-based Adventure Education unit. Increased kinesthetic awareness and development of an appreciation for the aesthetic qualities of human movement is accomplished through gymnastics and contemporary line dance units. As the students progress through the grade levels, the complexity and variety of the courses increases. Upper grade level offerings provide students with direct instruction and appropriate experiences for the development of advanced physical skills, game strategies, and human movement. Fitness and wellness continue to be a major portion of the program with activities such as yoga, step aerobics, stress management, and fitness training in the specialized weight and cardio room. Character education and team building are developed through student participation in our Adventure Education courses on the indoor challenge course. Lifetime sports such as golf, tennis, archery, fencing, fit walking, badminton, ultimate frisbee, hockey, team handball, softball and volleyball are also included in the fitness and wellness program outline.