• See Our Video on the Proposed March 2013 Referendum

    Livingston Public Schools for decades have performed among the very best. Achievement on test scores is at an all-time high. Many teachers have advanced degrees and a love of what they do. When the bell rings, students are ready to learn – and their parents support both their children and the schools. 

But there is concern over housing developments proposed in Livingston that will be built without considering school availability. And right now, Livingston Public Elementary Schools are full.
    On Tuesday, March 12, Livingston voters will go to the polls to decide new school construction. If approved, the referendum would allow LPS to create 14 new classrooms to offer more flexibility to ease soft borders, decrease class size, provide space for additional special education programs, and make room for new students predicted to move into our town. In addition, the construction would include three new media centers and ADA improvements at the high school.
    In just nine minutes, you can learn more about the emergent needs to increase elementary classroom capacity and ADA compliance. This video was produced at the LHS television studios and features an inside look at the schools to help voters be fully informed when going to the polls on March 12.
Last Modified on July 9, 2013