Parent Academy

  • LPS parent academy In 2018, the LPS Board of Education approved a Strategic Plan to establish goals and objectives to focus our work over the next five-years. Within Strand 4: Community: Partnerships, Practices and Programs with a goal of strengthening the partnership among parents, school, and community, as active partners in the education of all children, the administrative team worked together to develop and offer purposeful, meaningful parent academies. With the intention of providing our parents and educators opportunities to have deeper conversations about specific areas of learning, curriculum, and instruction, evening events are presented on topics of interest, best practice, and useful suggestions for parents as they support their child’s education. This webpage is designed to ensure that all resources provided at these events are accessible to all community members. We hope you find these helpful as you engage in your child’s education. Enjoy!

    Lisa Capone-Steiger
    Assistant Superintendent of Equity, Inclusion, Intervention and Inspiration