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Middle School Debate Teams Take Top Spots

middle school debate team members with awards

Shown in the back row are Raj Dholakia, Parth Pandey, Rishaan Wagle, Revisha Dudeja, Avika Pasari, Anya Goyal, Saanvi Garg, Anushka Nikhil, Allison Zhou, Ved Sinha, Meghna Sampath, Nishka Bansal, and Shubhada Bhoyar. In the front row are Atharv Sharma, Abhinav Jaladi, Kevin Rao, Darsh Thakur, and Saketh Narayaran.


The Mt. Pleasant and Heritage Middle School Debate teams participated in the 35th annual Morris County Debate Competition on May 22, 2024.


Mt. Pleasant Middle School Team

The MPMS Debate Team had two teams representing both the affirmative and negative sides for the resolution, “Children under the age of 13 should not have access to social media platforms.” They had a very successful day with three LPS pairs earning high scores and all teams winning their debates. Top place finishers included:


  • First Place - Affirmative: Anika Shah and Ved Sinha

  • First Place - Negative: Saanvi Gard and Anushka Nikhil

  • Second Place - Negative: Darsh Thakur and Kevin Rao


Abhinav Jaladi and Atharv Sharma also competed for the Affirmative Side. Avika Pasari served as a timer and alternate.


Heritage Middle School Team

The HMS Debate Team, consisting of seventh and eighth graders had two teams representing both the affirmative and negative sides for the resolution,”Be it resolved that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) should be banned in the United States.” Both seventh grade teams placed, and while some teams did not place, everyone won their individual debate. Top place finishers included:



  • Third Place - Affirmative: Shubhada Bhoyar and Nishka Bansal

  • First Place - Negative: Allison Zhou and Meghna Sampath



Also competing were partners Anya Goyal and Revisha Dudeja, and Saketh Narayanan and Parth Pandey. Rishaan Wagle and Raj Dholakia served as timers.