Web Accessibility

  • The Livingston Public School district is committed to making our content accessible to all members of the public, including those with disabilities. This includes parents, students, employees, and all others associated with our district. Along with our web hosting company Blackboard, our website is designed and developed in accordance with the internationally recognized Web Content Accessibility (WCAG) Guidelines 2.0 Level AA as well as the Section 508 standards in the United States.

    "Accessibility in the Blackboard Web Community Manager platform:
    The Blackboard Web Community Manager platform approaches accessibility in the following ways:

    • Template-based pages and apps provide consistent interactions and user experience across pages
    • Allows clients to configure their templates while still remaining within the color contrast ratio
    • Provides full support for keyboard navigation
    • Text can be resized 200 percent without loss of content or functionality
    • Contains page titles with the name of the workspace within which the user is working"

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the accessibility of content on the district website, please email mbent@livingston.org