Facility Rental - Use of Turf Field

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    Scheduling Priority and Guidelines

    • Groups and activities that consist of Livingston residents only, will have priority in scheduling.
    • Residents of Livingston are the only individuals permitted to complete applications for in-town groups requesting use of the turf. The resident completing the application or their designee must attend all scheduled activities on the turf that are confirmed for their group, even if their group is not involved. These individuals must be listed on the application form.
    • The resident who completes the application will be the only individual permitted to contact the athletic director at the high school with additional dates, if needed, due to make-ups, tournaments, or other activities.
    • Under no circumstances can the scheduled group allow another group to use their allotted time on the turf. This will be strictly enforced. EXAMPLE: if the “Livingston Rockets” are an in-town group and have secured the turf field, they are not permitted to allow another group, whether in-town or out of town, to use the field in their place. This would be viewed as a blatant attempt to circumvent the policy that is in place for scheduling the turf field.
    • If another group, which consists of a majority of out of town participants, wishes to use the turf field and that group is sponsored by the in-town group that has completed the application, that out of town group must submit their own application for use, provide their own certificate of insurance, and pay the out of town rate that is documented below.

    Guidelines for Turf Rental at LHS

    • Applicants must submit an application for use at least two weeks in advance of proposed scheduled activity. In case of a confirmed emergency and confirmation of this emergency can be supplied by the applicant, a waiver of this two week guideline may be considered. No activities will be considered or scheduled in excess of 6 months prior to the activity.
    • Applications for use are available on the LPS website or at the Board of Education offices located at 11 Foxcroft Drive, Livingston, NJ.
    • Completed applications, along with certificates of insurance, must be returned to the Director of Athletics office at Livingston High School, located at 2 Madonna Drive in the Fitness and Wellness Center.
    • The group that is requesting the turf field will be notified within 48 hours after the application has been submitted as to which days are confirmed and which days are not available. The group that is renting the turf field must understand that the BOE and the high school athletic department will have priority in scheduling of the turf. Unfortunately there may be instances that confirmed dates may need to be canceled due to the needs of the high school athletic department however all efforts to avoid this conflict will be made.
    • Groups will be invoiced monthly by the Board of Education for turf rental, field lights (if needed), and custodial needs. Invoices must be paid with 30 days of the dated invoice. If invoices are not paid, no future activities will be scheduled until the groups account is paid in full.
    • Under no circumstances should anyone enter the new Fitness and Wellness Center. Restrooms are located to the right of the concession stand and they are to be the facilities that should be used for the turf activity.
    • Postponements and Cancellations: it is understood that postponements can occur due to weather and any other unforeseen circumstances however if a group wishes to cancel a confirmed activity, they must email the athletic director at the high school at rporfido@livingston.org. Cancellations must be made within 12 hours prior to an activity Monday through Friday and by 12 noon on Friday for activities for that weekend. This is extremely important so that arrangements can be made for the turf to be unlocked / locked for the activity. If these timelines are not followed, the group will be required to pay their full amount.

    All of these guidelines must be adhered to. If they are violated in any way the group risks termination of their activity and all future dates.

    Download a Hold-Harmless Agreement by clicking here.
    For fee schedule, click here.