• storytime with LPS

  • Hi Parents, Friends, and Students,

    As the Assistant Superintendent for our school district, I can tell you I feel very, very far away from all of you here in my home. Those of you who know me, know I have a passion for reading and in particular reading aloud to students. Reading aloud with our children is such a personal, special, and warm way to invite them into books. It allows us to engage students in deep thinking about characters, story, and of course our own reading. Each day, we will post a new read aloud for your children from either me or a guest reader. My hope is that you use this as a chance for you to take a deep breath, knowing your children will be engaged in a great book.

    If your children enjoy the book, please have them draw pictures or write letters to me and send me photos of their work at lsteiger@livingston.org. Their work will be added to our website to help all of us feel more connected to each other. If you need ideas to keep your children engaged throughout these days away from school, I hope you will use our website to find fun, engaging activities, if you don't find something for your children, please feel free to email to ask for assistance.

    Stay strong, stay connected, keep reading!


    Potato Pants!

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