Confidentiality During Remote Learning


    During virtual learning, your child’s name and live video could potentially be seen by other students and parents in the background and your child may see actions in the background of other students. Your child’s information, such as, but not limited to, classification status, accommodations, related services, academic levels and/or skills may also be inadvertently disclosed to others during group instruction.  

    This notice is to remind you of the confidential nature of student information.  We are requesting that all parents/ guardians acknowledge that in order to maintain the confidentiality of each session, they will not make any attempt to record the live instruction.  However, we cannot guarantee this will occur and that other parents / guardians will abide by our request. 

    Recording virtual lessons and instruction between the teacher / instructor and students is a violation of Board of Education policies and may be a violation of The New Jersey Wiretapping Law.  Students are required to adhere and comply with all applicable Board policies governing the use of technology. 

    We take the confidentiality of your child’s educational information very seriously.  If you have any concerns about remote learning, please contact your building principal.