Public Comment Guidelines for Board of Education Meetings

  • During the course of the Board of Education meeting, the Livingston Board of Education offers members of the public an opportunity to address issues regarding the operation of the Livingston Public Schools. Our goal is to maintain the formality, decorum and efficiency of our meetings.

    • Those who wish to participate in the meeting may do so by registering for the webinar.
    • Once in the webinar, those who wish to speak must raise their hand virtually and, when called on, must identify themselves by name and address and limit their comments to items listed on the agenda and/or items directly related to the operation of the School District. Each speaker will have three minutes to address the Board. A timer will be displayed on the screen.
    • Issues raised by members of the public may or may not be responded to by the Board.
    • The Board asks that members of the public be courteous and mindful of the rights of other individuals when speaking. The Board has the discretion and authority to mute any person who becomes disruptive during the meeting.
    • Comments regarding students and employees of the Board are discouraged and will not be responded to by the Board. Students and employees have specific legal rights afforded by the laws of New Jersey. The Board bears no responsibility nor will it be liable for any comments made by members of the public. Members of the public should consider their comments in light of the legal rights of those affected or identified in their comments and be aware that they are legally responsible and liable for their comments.
    • Please note that the Board will not be communicating through the livestream comments on Facebook or through any means of virtual communication within the webinar.