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    As we head into the middle of the 21st Century with record high enrollment, Livingston Public Schools is faced with some important questions. What are the district's future facility needs? What building repairs, improvements and replacements are needed moving forward to provide our students with the best possible education? Livingston Public Schools remains committed to maintaining the legacy of excellence that attracts residents who place a high value on education and who wish to live in a community that exceeds expectations in all areas. 

    In addition to closely monitoring enrollment and commissioning a demographic study, Livingston Public Schools is planning for the future on two fronts:

    1. We developed the Strategic Plan 2022-2027 to lay out the district’s priorities and goals for the near future.
    2. We created a Long Range Facility Planning Committee that will explore the best ways to protect and extend the lives of our existing buildings, and to replace or build new facilities to meet our long-term future needs in order to support the mission, vision, values, and goals contained in the Strategic Plan.      

    The Long Range Facility Planning Committee includes school administrators, Board of Education members, a Town Council representative, teachers, staff/faculty members, and members of the greater Livingston community. Committee members were chosen through an application process, which is now closed. 

    The Madison Institute (TMI) was hired by LPS for the purposes of facilitating the Long Range Facility Committee’s planning process. This process began with the Committee's first meeting on October 4, 2023. Over the next few months, the Committee will meet four more times in a workshop format to review the relevant data and come to a consensus on recommendations for a comprehensive long range facilities plan. The Committee's recommendations will be shared with the public at a future Board of Education meeting. 

    Learn more about the district's Long Range Facilities Planning Committee, and view related press releases and presentations, below.