• 1st Grade Physical Education Benchmarks
    Basic Movement - Rhythm & Dance (September - June)

    Walk / Run



    Jump with 2 feet take off and landing:  Forward-Backward-Sideways




    Ascend/Descend Stairs

    Chasing & Fleeing skills

    Travel sideways in a large group

    Balance on 1 foot 15sec R / L

    Travel to beat of music

    Manipulate objects to music

    Perform mirroring to music with partner

    Travel: demonstrate variety of relationships with objects

    Form body shapes while travel in pathways

    Understands basic safety rules

    Jump Rope basic styles 20X

    Enjoys participation alone and with others


    Manipulative (November, December, March – June)

    Roll 15ft to target with 1hand & 2 hand

    Dribble a ball 10X consecutively

    Toss bean bag 10ft to target accurately

    Catch a bean bag 4/5 X

    Throw a ball 10’ 2/3X with opposition

    Kick ball using instep with step

    Bat ball off tee 2/3X


    Gymnastics (January & February)

    Crabwalk 20ft  F/B

    Pencil Roll sideways 10ft (layout position)

    Egg Roll 10ft  (tuck position)

    Seal walk 12ft

    Forward Roll

    Positions: Lay Out / Tuck / Pike / standing back rocker

    Donkey Kick on box-feet above hand height

    Pinwheel: transfer of weight using boxes

    Vault- jump and land from height of 2ft

    Beam: Forward/Sideways/Balance


    Fitness Testing (November-pre & May-post)

    Flexed arm hang

    V-sit and reach

    Standing Long Jump

    Curl ups

    200yd Run



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