Basic Movement - Rhythm & Dance (September - June)






    Travel backward and change direction

    Dodging & tagging skills

    Participates in a safe manner

    Jump & land using combo of take off and land

    Travel- change speed/direction with different rhythms

    Perform mirroring to music with partner*

    Move slow and fast at all three levels

    Move each joint through full range of motion

    Demonstrate strong and light force in rhythmic activities

    Move body as whole or parts in isolation

    Jump self turned rope continuously*


    Manipulative (November, December, March – June)

    Roll 20ft to target using 2 hands with opposition

    Dribble a ball 30ft with hands

    Toss a soft ball 15ft to target accurately*

    Catch a soft ball 3/5 X

    Throw a ball 10’ 2/3X with opposition*

    Kick a moving ball using instep with 1 or 2 steps

    Dribble a ball 30ft with feet

    Bat ball off tee 2/3 times with grip/side/rotation


    Gymnastics (January & February)

    Crabwalk 25ft  F/B*

    Pencil Roll sideways 10ft (layout position) *

    Egg Roll 10ft  (tuck position) *

    Seal walk 18ft

    Forward Roll 2X continuously

    Positions: LO/T/P/standing back rocker*

    Backward Roll using wedge

    Donkey Kick on box-feet high level

    Pinwheel/Cartwheel transfer weight at high level

    Vault- jump and land from height of 2ft*

    Beam: Forward/Sideways/ Backwards/Balance

    Climb Rope 6ft


    Fitness Testing (November-pre & May-post)

    Flexed arm hang

    V-sit and reach

    Standing Long Jump

    Shuttle Run*

    Curl ups

    Push ups*

    200yd Run

Last Modified on November 11, 2009