Basic Movement - Rhythm & Dance (September - June)

    Travel general space

    Demonstrate concept of fast and slow while traveling

    Start and stop on signal

    Knows basic safety rules

    States rules for equipment and playground

    Jump with 2 feet: take off and landing

    Walk / Run mature pattern

    Identifies body parts

    Balance on 1 foot 10 sec R/L

    Hop 5 times consecutively R/L

    Jump Rope: jumping or stepping over rope 5X

    Understands Personal and General space

    Understands: High-Medium-Low

    Distinguishes between various pathways

    Makes large and small body shapes when traveling

    Identifies selected skills and movement concepts


    Manipulative (November, December, March – June)

    Roll: 10ft to target with 1hand

    Drop & Catch to self 5 X

    Dribble a ball 5X*

    Toss a bean bag 6ft to target with opposition*

    Catch a bean bag 2/3 X

    Throw a ball 10’ 3 X to target by turn to side & step

    Kick ball with step

    Bat ball with hand 3 times side/step/rotation

    Understands the need for practice


    Gymnastics (January & February)

    Walking board  Forward/Right Sideways /Left Sideways

    Crabwalk 10ft  F/B

    Pencil Roll  10ft (layout position)

    Egg Roll 10ft  (tuck position)*

    Seal walk 6ft*

    Forward Roll*

    Donkey Kick on box with feet hand height*

    Pinwheel: basic transfer of weight using boxes*

    Vault- jumping and landing from height of 2ft


    Fitness Testing (November-pre & May-post)

    Flexed arm hang

    V-sit and reach

    Standing Long Jump

    Good Mornings

    100yd Run

    Sustains moderate physical activity and understands its importance

Last Modified on November 11, 2009