• Gymnastics Safety



    1.     Appropriate behavior is EXTREMLY important during the gymnastics unit to prevent accidents and injury. 


    2.     Please dress appropriately: no jewelry, proper footwear, clothing that fits, long hair should be tied back and no skirts or dresses.


    3.     Check the mats and equipment before you use it to make sure it is in the proper position.  Any questions please ask the teacher.


    4.     Participate and work at YOUR OWN level.


    5.     If you are unsure about any directions please ask a teacher for help first.


    6.     Practice all skills and movements with your best effort and form.


    7.     Please be aware of others around you when you are moving.


    8.     Only perform skills that the class is working on.


    9.     Please walk AROUND the mats when moving in the gym.



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Last Modified on February 26, 2014