• Hydration, Sports Nutrition and Supplements

    This is the outline of the H.S. presentation.  Please check out the attachment for the full presentation and also the links to some important sites for more information on these topics.
    A.  Pre-game/game nutrition
      1. Pre-game nutrition: timing, needs of activity.
      2. Game nutrition and post-meals.


    1. Hydration
      1. What Dehydration/Euhydration means, symptoms, effects on body.
      2. How to determine if you are dehydrated.
      3. Maintaining hydration levels pre, during and post activity.
      4. What fluid is the best to drink, when and why?


    1. Supplementation (brief)
      1. No substitute for balanced diet, elite athletes benefit most from supplementation.
      2. Protein/Creatine supplementation, risks/rewards.
      3. Product knowledge/FDA/reactions with prescription meds

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