Jump Rope for Heart

    Register to raise funds online for Jump Rope!


    Step 1: Registration

    Visit the Jump Rope For Heart web page at www.americanheart.org/jump. Click on Register.


    Click on the State that you live in

    Find your school – Find your school by either typing in your school name or your city. You just need to type in the first 3 letters. Click the Search button and you will see a list appear below. Click on your school name!


    Once your school’s team page appears, click on the link Join Team.

    Choose the student option and if your parents want to make a personal donation now, please select one of the levels.  If not, select No Additional Gift and click on NEXT STEP.


    It’s time to complete your contact information.  Enter your first and last name, email address and year of birth (optional).  Don’t forget to enter your username and password so you can log back in to see how you are doing.  Click on NEXT STEP.


    Make sure a parent or guardian reads the waiver before agreeing to the terms.  Once you agree, click on NEXT STEP. 

    Review the Registration Summary and click Complete Registration.


    Create your Personal Web Page and Send Emails!


    Step 2:  Access your HeartQuarters to create your own Personal Web Page! You can click on HeartQuarters or Access your Participant Center.


    Click on Set up Your Personal Page: OPTIONS

    Welcome to Armando’s Jump Rope For Heart Webpage! Help me be a hero and help save lives!

    • You can upload your personal photo – click on Browse, locate the photo and click on Save/Upload.  You can enter a Caption, too!

    Click on Component if you want to turn off the Status Thermometer, Fundraising Honor Roll, and Personal Blog.


    Step 3:  Add Contacts and Send E-mails.

    Click on the Email Tab and click on Contact to add or upload Contacts.

    Select contacts and Compose Message:

    You can select one of the suggested messages to email to your friends and family or you can create your own message.  Once you are finished, click on Send.

    You will see this message once your emails have been sent:


    Step 4:  Watch Your Progress!  Check your HeartQuarters often to see how much money you have raised towards your goal!  Be sure to PRINT your Personal Report (Donation History) page & put in your collection envelope.                      


Last Modified on December 1, 2014