Basic Movement - Rhythm & Dance (September & throughout the year)

    Skip, gallop, slide, leap to music mature patterns

    Right Leap

    Left Leap

    Perform activities with bilateral coordination

    Considerate of others in physical activity settings

    Jump rope continuously (medium & fast speeds)

    Long rope enter*

    Describes 3 functions of arms when running

    Describes principle of transfer of body weight

    Perform mirroring to music with partner

    Simple partner dance to music


    Manipulative (November, December, March – June)

    Dribble a ball 50ft with feet (Soccer)

    Kick a moving ball using instep with 2 steps (Soccer)

    Throwing (Football)*

    Catching while traveling in various patterns (Football)*

    Dribble a ball 50ft with hands (Basketball)

    Strike a ball with hands (Four Square)*

    Strike a ball with forearms- Bump (Volleyball)*

    Strike a ball with fingers- Set (Volleyball)*

    Throw a ball 15’ 2/3X to target with opposition (Baseball)

    Catch ball from distance of 15ft & absorb force (Baseball)

    Bat ball 2/3 times with grip/side/rotation (Baseball)*


    Gymnastics (January & February)

    Forward Roll 2X double*

    Positions: Lay Out / Tuck / Pike / standing back rocker*

    Backward Roll *

    Pinwheel/Cartwheel transfer weight at different levels


    Vault- jump and land from height of 2ft*

    Beam: Forward/Sideways/ Backwards/Balance*

    Balance: arabesque / scale

    Climb Rope 9ft

    Support weight while travel on apparatus (whittle)*

    Gymnastics balance beam routine*


    Fitness Testing (November-pre & May-post)

    Pull ups

    Standing Long Jump*

    V-sit and reach

    Shuttle Run

    ½ Mile Run

    Curl ups

    Push ups*

    Identify 3/5 fitness components

    Written fitness test*

Last Modified on November 11, 2009