Mindfulness Activities

  • Relieve Anxiety Practice short "in" breaths and long "out" breaths to relieve stress and anxiety with this calming exercise. go noodle Used as a “break.”
    Rainbow Breath Learn how to raise your energy and face your day with this empowering exercise. go noodle Used as a “break.”
    Bring the Balloon Down Learn how to gain control of your stressful energy with this calming mindfulness exercise. go noodle Used as a “break.”
    21 Mindfulness Exercises Use mindfulness exercises to prepare, take a break, or end the agenda for the delay. Take notice of the way your breathing pattern is different in each exercise. click here
    • Create your own breathing exercise or pattern
    • Name your breathing exercise and try to visualize it
    • Draw a picture to show your own creation

More Mindfulness Resources

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Guide to Mindfulness!

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