For Middle/High School Students

  • A Moment for Me: A Self-Compassion Break for Teens

    • Take a moment to try this practice for yourself using a personal or professional challenge you’re facing right now. Choose something mildly or moderately challenging, rather than an overwhelming one. 
    • Did this practice alter the way you feel about the challenge or about yourself? 
    • How do you think self-compassion is relevant to your students’ lives, both in and out of school? Would they agree? 
    • Does this practice privilege your values over theirs in any way? For example, do you believe that being kind to yourself is more motivating than being hard on yourself, whereas students and parents do not?
    • If your beliefs differ, is it possible to honor these differences in a way where none are viewed from a deficit lens?

    Download "A Moment for Me" for instructions and practice.

    Talking to Teens and Tweens About Coronavirus 

    • Focus on Staying Healthy
    • Keep the Big Picture in Mind
    • Fill in the Facts
    • Make It a Team Effort
    • Be Resilient
    • Model a Calm Response