• Learning Cottages Arriving at Schools for Construction Project

    Updated August 4, 2011

    Construction is proceeding on schedule this summer as part of the $55.9 Livingston Public Schools facility upgrade project, of which $22.4 million will be funded by state aid.


    Superintendent of Schools Brad Draeger and Business Administrator Steven Robinson recently toured several of the schools with Construction Project Manager Jamie Perrette of Turner Construction Company to make sure that work is on schedule and that the schools will open on time for staff and students.


    Workers configured the trailers behind the Mt. Pleasant School complex and installed stairs and a ramp for easy access. The trailers have also arrived at Heritage Middle School, Harrison and Hillside Elementary Schools. The trailers will arrive at the other elementary schools later in the fall. Individual work on classrooms in eight of the District’s nine schools will mean that some classes will need to be housed in trailers temporarily while work is being done, Robinson explained.


    The administrators were also impressed with the progress on many of the bathrooms in the schools. The superintendent smiled as he tried out a motion-sensor sink at Burnet Hill School and laborers were busy installing attractive tile and sheetrock in the bathrooms at the other schools. The bathroom renovations are part of the work necessary for the District to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


    Riker Hill Principal Jo Tandler greeted the men as she came by to inspect the renovations of the school this past week. “I love the windows,” Tandler said as she admired the new windows with the integral blinds in between. “They are beautiful.”


    Electrical service upgrades are progressing in all of the schools as is work on the middle school auditoriums. Laborers finished the foundation for the new storage room behind Riker Hill School and did other work for the new elevator at Harrison School. The window installation is complete at Heritage. Workers are installing new windows at Harrison, Riker Hill and Hillside Elementary Schools and will begin installing them at the other schools over the next couple of weeks.


    Laborers are also installing new ductwork and special HVAC units which will provide air conditioning in all classrooms as well as new Automatic Temperature Control Systems.

    Maintenance staff are sweeping and mopping and beginning to clean up the schools for students to prepare for the first day of school, Sep. 6, 2011.