• April 27, 2011

    The anticipated date to begin construction inside the elementary and middle schools was this summer.  However, the District is ahead of schedule and was able to begin several ADA bathroom projects over the April recess at Burnet Hill, Harrison and Hillside Elementary Schools as well as at Mt. Pleasant and Heritage Middle Schools.  All bathrooms being worked on have contractor installed locks and signs will be displayed to indicate the bathroom is under construction. 


    In addition, demolition and construction on the Mt. Pleasant Middle School auditorium began during the April recess.  The auditorium will be locked at all times and signs will be hung indicating the space is under construction.
    Hillside       Burnet Hill     MPM
             Hillside                                            Burnet Hill                                            MPMS

    April 5, 2011
    The solar panels will, when installed and “turned on,” generate revenue in three ways:    the District received 40% debt service aid; the District will utilize the energy generated instead of purchasing energy from a utility company; and utility companies will fulfill their renewable energy requirements by purchasing SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) from the District.  In addition to generating revenue, the solar panels include an educational component for students.  To date, solar panels are 100% installed at Burnet Hill Elementary School, Harrison Elementary School, Riker Hill Elementary School, Heritage Middle School and Livingston High School.  Panels are 80% complete at Hillside Elementary School and installation at Collins Elementary School has started.  Installation at the Mt. Pleasant Complex will begin shortly.  The District anticipates that the solar panel installation will be completed in May.
    Burnet Hill
            Harrison           LHS
                 Burnet Hill                                          Harrison                                             LHS