What a Difference a Year Makes
    Updated August 31, 2011

    Dr. Draeger updated staff on school construction, part of the $55.9 million District facility upgrade project, of which up to $22.4 million will be funded by State Aid. He highlighted the new windows, doors, hallways and renovated bathrooms.”We will be the best bathroom-equipped school in the nation this year,” he said. The improvements also help the District comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    The superintendent presented a special four-minute presentation of photos depicting the summer’s construction work and staff development programs. 
    The presentation features photos of all of the District’s nine schools, construction on the eight schools, staff development and curriculum writing over the summer, and cleaning up the schools for staff and students. It also features photos of custodians in front of each school.

    The superintendent praised the school District custodians who have been working 20-hour days to prepare the schools for teachers and students. “They are tired,” he said. “They have worked around-the-clock. They have done a fantastic job.”

    Dr. Draeger also commended the hard work of Business Administrator Steven Robinson, Manager of Buildings and Grounds Paul Ko and Assistant Manager of Buildings and Grounds Taulant Feti in overseeing the project and asked them to give their District custodians applause. The crowd responded with a standing ovation