Livingston Board of Education Tours Schools During Construction
    Updated August 11, 2011

    Members of the Livingston Board of Education put on hard hats and toured several of the township’s schools during construction over the past several days.

    “I’m amazed at the scope of the work being accomplished and very optimistic that we will have a smooth opening in September,” said Board President Leslie Winograd Tuesday after touring several of the schools.

    Winograd and other board members said they were impressed with the work on the schools including the “beautiful” new bathrooms, attractive new windows and the spacious learning cottages which will house some classes temporarily during construction.

    “A week from today, everything will look a lot different,” Robinson said, noting that laborers are finishing the first phase of the $55.9 Livingston Public Schools facility upgrade project, of which $22.4 million will be funded by state aid. The second phase is scheduled to begin Sept. 1 and conclude sometime next summer.

    Livingston Public Schools Superintendent Brad Draeger, Business Administrator Steven Robinson and Construction Project Manager Jamie Perrette of Turner Construction Company led the two special tours Tuesday and Aug. 4th and Aug. 8th.

    Robinson said he anticipates that school principals and office staff will begin moving in to the school offices next week.

    Many board members said they were impressed with the spaciousness of the learning cottages and the amenities in the cottages considering they are temporary classrooms. Individual work on classrooms in eight of the District’s nine schools will mean that some classes will need to be housed in trailers temporarily while work is being done, Robinson explained.

    The board members said they were also impressed with the renovated bathrooms and the attractive walls and floors. During the tour, tile setters installed attractive blue or blue and green tiles on the bathroom floors, workers installed new windows and electricians upgraded wiring and installed new lighting.

    The trailers have arrived at the Mt. Pleasant School complex, Heritage Middle School, Harrison and Hillside Elementary Schools and are being prepared for students. The trailers will be moved to Collins, Riker Hill and Burnet Hill Elementary schools later this fall as work is completed on the other schools.

    Electrical service upgrades are progressing in all of the schools as is work on the renovation of the middle school auditoriums. Laborers are finishing the construction of the new storage room behind Riker Hill School and working on the new elevators at Harrison and Hillside Elementary schools and lift at Riker Hill Elementary School.

    The window installation is complete at Heritage and work is progressing on the installation of new windows at all of the other schools. The older brown-trimmed windows at Harrison Elementary School have been replaced with attractive new windows with white trim.

    Laborers are also installing new ductwork and special HVAC units which will provide air conditioning in all classrooms as well as new Automatic Temperature Control Systems.

    Maintenance staff are sweeping, mopping and scrubbing to clean up the schools for students to prepare for the first day of school, September 6, 2011.