• On Friday, October 17th, staff and students gathered in the new gym for our annual reading pep rally.  Our famous (well, at least to us!)  Harrison Cheerleaders kicked off the event, followed by a presentation from the Kindergarten family about last year's theme, an uplifting song directed by Music Teacher, Mrs. Matten, and a fun skit and video presentation performed by Mrs. Healy, Mrs. Mullen, Mrs. Connell, Mrs. Green, and Mrs. Spaltro.   We ended with a chant about keeping curiosity alive: 

    I read and read so my brain can grow.
    I discover facts so there’s more that I know.
    Gaining knowledge is like opening a door --
    When I learn something new I want to learn more!

    Enjoy the photo gallery below, and check out the link on the Harrison Website "A Yearlong Journey of Wonder" to see how we will keep the spirit of the pep rally going!