•  camera                                      computer                                       pen This summer. . .
    Have someone take a photo of you
    reading wherever you are
    (at home, in the backyard, at the beach, at camp. . .)
    and email it to me at:


    Be sure to include your name and tell me where you are!
    You can be reading a book, a magazine, a recipe, a website, an online story, your
    Kindle or Nook, directions for a game, an email, the comics. . . 

    I would also love to hear about what you are reading, so. . .

    will you write me a poem? 

    Click here to go to "Poetry Maker"
    From the list of poetry types on the left, choose Lune or 5W.
    Use the template to create a poem telling me about a
    particular book, story, author, or facts you learned from reading.

    Once you have typed your poem, email it to me!

    Be sure to include your first and last name and a title for your poem.
    (If you want to try another kind of poem, go for it!)

     I will use the photos and poems for my
    bulletin board in September.

     Send me a photo! Send me a poem! Send me both! 

    And don't forget to visit the public library and participate in the Summer Reading Program.