• World Language/English as a Second Language Department


    All four World Language programs in Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish at Livingston High School are aligned with the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages formulated by ACTFL, the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Courses encompass the NJSLS, which address the need to prepare students for an interdependent global environment with a focus on the acquisition of communication skills and cultural competency. Students are taught and assessed in the three modes of communication: the interpretive, interpersonal and presentational modes.  These indicate progress in a student’s ability to understand, interact and produce the target language.

    College Preparatory (CP) courses are designed for students who are able to develop language skills at a moderate pace. The majority of students completing a language at Heritage Middle School are placed into a level 2 CP or 2 Honors level class at Livingston High School.

    Honors (H) and Advanced Placement (AP) Level courses are offered in Chinese, French, Italian and Spanish. Although enrollment into the honors and AP courses is open, teachers’ recommendations regarding the appropriateness of such placement should be seriously considered. The sequence of honors level courses begins with Spanish 2 Honors, French 2 Honors, Chinese 3 Honors and Italian 3 Honors. Honors Level courses are designed for students who wish to be challenged in a more rigorous environment and are prepared and motivated to participate in the extensive and intensive study of language and culture.  The goals of the Honors and AP programs are communicative competence, the development of literacy in the target language and preparation for the AP exam.

    Also offered is a sequence of ESL (English as a Second Language) courses for students whose native language is not English.  Limited English Proficient (LEP) students are administered an English language proficiency exam to determine their eligibility to enroll in ESL courses.

    There can be courses where students may have proficiency in the content from prior or out-of-school programs or experiences. If a student seeks to enroll in a course and has not taken the required pre-requisite at Livingston High School, the student must demonstrate his/her comparable proficiencies to the department supervisor. Students may not enter into a course without successful completion of a required pre-requisite or department supervisor approval. Upon supervisor approval, students will be notified if they are permitted to enter into the requested course.


    Dr. David Greer 
    K - 12 ESL Supervisor
    Email: dgreer@livingston.org
    Phone: 973-535-8000, x8056