Livingston Visit to Microsoft - NYC

  • January 27, 2016 


    experience the possible in education

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    Explore Windows 10 and Office 365


    Microsoft remains committed to education. With the continuously changing landscape in education, demands on budgets, staff and resources to prepare students for graduation or the workforce, faculties are being challenged more than ever to provide improved teaching and learning environments that result in greater student and institutional outcomes. New developments, communications, mobility, and cloud services are enabling educational institutions to communicate and collaborate both inside and out of classrooms in ways that were previously not possible.


    Knowing that your time is valuable, we’ve developed a true to life, hands-on, interactive session designed for professionals like yourself – Microsoft Immersion Experiences.

    What Is A Microsoft Immersion Experience? 

    An immersion experience is a facilitated hands-on session to "Experience the Possible" by test-driving Microsoft devices and solutions through simulated, everyday education scenarios. Separate simulated environments are available for higher education and K-12. The content is specifically designed to be a hands-on in a small audience (up to 10 participants). The scenarios showcase collaboration between students, faculty and staff and provide for deep examples within a classroom and/or staff setting. There is no set agenda. Each immersive session is unique, as it is based on the interest of the session’s participants. Immersion sessions are 3 hours in length.


    What To Expect

    • No slides, demos or sales pitch
    • Custom session based on the interest, priorities and needs of you and your colleagues
    • Time to play a part. Each participant will select the character "persona" to play for the session
    • A facilitator to guide you through a live environment in the cloud (separate tenants for higher education & K-12) to explore for yourself "what’s possible"


    • Fun!

    What Will What You Experience?

    • Get Engaged in the Classroom: Design engaging lesson plans and effectively connect with students, teachers and administrators.
    • Collaborate on Campus: Learn about collaborative and social features that facilitate communication, including the ability to follow people and hashtags. Experience sharing and coauthoring abilities that make collaboration easier than ever.
    • Stay Productive After Class: Discover how students and faculty can remain productive and extend collaboration and learning outside the classroom.
    • Get Insights on the Fly: Quickly analyze data without having to involve a data analysts and explore the powerful analytics capabilities in Excel.



    Microsoft Immersion sessions are a great way for administrators and educators to better understand the technology solutions they have access to, which can lead to process improvements and improved classroom environments.



    How to Request an Immersion