• It Could Not Have Gone Smoother!!!
    Are We Excited About This?

    history pilot
    history pilot
    history pilot

    It was all hands on deck as Tom Douglas, our IT Manager and Rob Brenneck, LHS IT Technician rolled out the Surface laptops without a hitch. All district technicians jumped right on the Surface laptops that were delivered on Monday midday and readied them for the pilot doing a variety of work such as connecting to the domain and pushing out software. We deployed 40 Surface Laptops at LHS and 25 Lenovo Laptops at HMS with the help of IT Technician, Andrew Kitt, but it could not have been more smoothly!history pilot

    Every device was asset tagged and a spreadsheet was set up by Rob Brenneck to account for every device. This spreadsheet was shared with the four Pilot teachers so that they could fill in their students’ names connecting them with the device and charging cable that was given to them.

    Every 8th grader in Mrs. Bisconti's Social Studies, Period 3 class was given a device. The eighth graders were extremely excited and had many, many questions. They loved hearing how they were making history and were the “chosen” class. It was very exciting. There is even a video of them chanting “Lenovo, Lenovo”. They were so excited.

    The high schistory pilpot hool was that and more. Tom Douglas and Rob Brenneck were with Lori Perez and Rebecca Emert in their Period 2 History class. There were actually two students who initially did not want the Surface because they could not bring in their own device. After watching how amazing their classmates thought the Surface performed, the weight, the touch, the pen, etc., they asked Ms. Perez for a hardcopy form to sign off on and to have their parent sign off on so that they could have the Surface to work with. They were complete converts in less than one class period. The digital inking is a game changer.

    Mrs. Perez is set up a blog for herself, her co-teacher and her students so they can share data about the device and the overall pilot experience. In addition each of the classes will take a survey at the end of their pilot. history pilot

    It went like clockwork and there wasn’t an unhappy person anywhere to be seen. Microsoft was on board. We were visited by Craig Tellalian, Surface Blackbelt Specialist who worked alongside our Livingston IT Dept.

    More and more teacher trainings are happening as Office 365 and OneDrive becomes more prevalent as the collaborative tools of choice.