• January Pilot Program

    Livingston's pilot program


    What will happen at LHS during the Pilot?
    During January 2016 we are implementing a Pilot Program at LHS and at HMS.  Microsoft has loaned Livingston High School 40 Surface devices to test drive in classes.  Some of the things we hope to determine by doing our pilot will be about the device and also about how our teachers and students relate to the endless possibilities we are afforded by touch and digital inking in the classroom. 
    Mrs. Lori Perez and Mrs. Rebecca Emert will have use of the Surface in their History class and along with students will test the power of Windows 10, OneNote and Office 365 for collaboration, differentiation and digital inking and annotating.
    Mr. Jeff Wieboldt will use the Surface with his two Introduction to Calculus classes in an attempt to  ascertain the positives as well as the negatives of using the device.  We have been able to obtain a free license for FluidMath from the creator of the app for the month of January.  This is an exciting time for Livingston educators and students as well as we make our way to 1:1.
    What will happen at HMS during the Pilot?
    Mrs. Laurie Bisconti will be using Lenovo laptops with her students (which we currently house in carts).  Students will be assigned a specific laptop and will have use of the laptop in school and at home.  We are anxious to see how well students deal with the responsibility of caring for a laptop that can be considered "theirs".   Backpacks could become much lighter with the use of digital handouts and packets that every student would have access to if they all had access to technology at home.
    Mrs. Dakashna Lang will also be giving her ELA students 24/7 use of a Lenovo laptop as well.  The impact of having access to technology on a daily basis and being able to use the technology on an "as needed" basis will be one of the exciting factors we will want to know about during this experiment. 
    At the conclusion of our Pilot Program, teachers and students will be surveyed and results will be tallied to arrive at  a conclusion of our Pilot findings.