CHINESE 1 CP (510); FRENCH 1 CP (513); ITALIAN 1 CP (511); SPANISH 1 CP (512)

Level 1 (CP)

The goal of Level 1 courses is for students to be able to communicate in the target language using words, lists, memorized phrases and simple sentences. Level 1 courses are the foundation courses in which basic communication skills pertaining to everyday topics are learned.  Students are introduced to the four basic language areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing through the use of active learning strategies, media and technology.  Basic language usage and cultural awareness are developed through the sequential building of vocabulary and basic grammatical concepts. At the completion of a Level 1 course, the majority of students are expected to perform in the Novice-Mid to Novice-High range of language proficiency.  Students enrolled in these courses are expected to participate in the target language activities in class.

*In the Level 1 Chinese course, simple writing in simplified or traditional characters will be introduced.  Reading text is mostly based on Pinyin Romanization.