CHINESE 3 CP (535); FRENCH 3 CP (533); ITALIAN 3 CP (531); SPANISH 3 CP (532)

Level 3 (CP)

The goals of Level 3 courses are to be able to communicate in the target language using strings of sentences and to ask and answer questions to handle transactions of everyday life. The four language areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing continue to be developed with an emphasis on the development of extensive vocabulary and complex grammatical forms. Cultural competencies are developed through readings, presentations and discussions. At the completion of a Level 3 course, the majority of students are expected to perform in the Novice-High to Intermediate-Low range of language proficiency.  Students enrolled in these courses are expected to communicate primarily in the target language in class.

*In Level 3 Chinese, exposure of adapted authentic text will complement the interpretive skill of the spoken and written Chinese language.  Writing in either traditional or simplified characters will be further developed through increased regular practice.  This course engages students in an exploration of both contemporary and historical Chinese culture.