Attendance Information

  • Reporting an Absence
    Livingston Public Schools places a high emphasis on student attendance to ensure that all children meet State mandated criteria and to hold the expectation that every student will attend every day to assure maximum progress. Specific attendance reporting procedures may be found in the individual school handbooks and within the district attendance policy (Policy #5200) and regulations.

    Call for Safety
    In order to ensure the safety of our students, parents/guardians should use the Call For Safety phone line and report the student’s name, day or dates the student is absent or tardy, and the reason for the absence or tardy.

    Burnet Hill Elementary School: 973-535-8000, x7100
    Collins Elementary School: 973-535-8000, x7102
    Harrison Elementary School: 973-535-8000, x7103
    Hillside Elementary School: 973-535-8000, x7104
    Mt. Pleasant Elementary School: 973-535-8000, x7105
    Riker Hill Elementary School: 973-535-8000, x7106
    Mt. Pleasant Middle School: 973-535-8000, x7108
    Heritage Middle School: 973-535-8000, x7107
    Livingston High School: 973-535-8000, x8066 or you may email

    Absences, Tardiness and/or Truancy

    • Students must report to school/class on time.
    • Absences, tardiness and early dismissals must have documented approval from a parent/legal guardian. Medical dismissals should be processed through the school nurse.
    • Students who are truant, whether absent, tardy or dismissed early, are subject to attendance proceedings as outlined in the individual school’s student handbook.

    High School Credit

    • High school students will lose credit for any course if absences exceed ten percent of scheduled class time as specified in N.J.A.C. 6A:32-13.1(a). Please refer to the LBOE Policy #5200 and Regulation #5200.

    Co-Curricular Activities

    • Participation in co-curricular activities must be compliant with individual school rules and are at the discretion of the principal.

    Leaving School Grounds
    No student shall leave school grounds during the academic day without permission from the administrator/designee of the building.