Parent Portals


    Livingston Public Schools provides parents with immediate and up-to-date student information through our Genesis Parent Access Portal. This secure portal is an online parent information system that will allow parents to update contact information and complete electronic forms and view the ongoing progress of their student(s). Please safeguard your User Name and Password for future use. If at any time you have forgotten your password, use the “Forgot My Password” link on the logon screen – an email will be sent to the primary email address on file with a temporary password.

    At the beginning of each school year, the district asks that you log in and review the following information. If you have more than one child in any of the Livingston Public Schools, please remember that you must update contact information and complete forms for each child (unless otherwise noted):


    • Parent/Legal Guardian Contact Information – To change an address on file that has changed or is incorrect, you must call the Registrar at 973-535-8000, x8002 or email to change it. All other information may be edited by you.
    • Emergency Contacts – We urge you to list individuals who can be contacted in the event that the Primary/Legal Guardian cannot be reached.
    • Automated Alert Preferences – An automated alert is sent via phone and/or email in the event of a delayed opening, school closure, early dismissal or other emergency to the phone numbers and email addresses you select. Click “Emergency Broadcast” to identify these contacts when reviewing and updating contact information. If you wish to receive a text message, be sure to indicate which phone number is a mobile one.


    Grades K-12
    ♦ LPS Code of Conduct Acknowledgement
    ♦ LPS Census (once for all children)
    ♦ Free and Reduced Lunch - This form must be completed to meet State-required reporting by our district (once for all children)
    ♦ Health Insurance Coverage – This form must be completed to meet State-required reporting by our district (once for all children)
    ♦ Confidential Medical Update Form
    ♦ All-Media Parental Permission Option
    ♦ Permission to Share Rosters and Email Address

    ♦ Grades K-5 – Dismissal Information
    ♦ Grades 6-12 – Permission to Administer Survey
    ♦ Grades 9-12 – Release of Student Information
    ♦ Grade 12 – Open Campus Lunch Contract

    During the school year, parents will also have access to the following information:

    • Elementary Class Teacher Assignment
    • Schedules (for grades 6 through 12)
    • Attendance Records
    • Report Cards
    • Progress Reports (for grades 6 through 12)
    • Gradebooks (for grades 6 through 12)
    • Grade History (for grades 6 through 12)

    Livingston Public Schools Genesis Parent Access

    Parent Portal Guide



    Teachers and students in grades 6-12 will be using Schoology, a learning management platform that allows teachers to 1) share content and resources, 2) provide feedback to students in a timely and efficient manner, and 3) monitor student engagement and progress more effectively. Schoology extends the opportunity for students to learn and extend their thinking anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace.

    Schoology for Parents