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    Voluntary Student Accident Insurance
    August 2017
    Dear Parent/Guardian:
    The Livingston Board of Education provides accident insurance coverage for student participation in athletic events such as interscholastic sports, band, cheerleading, etc. This coverage does not cover accidents occurring during gym or on the playground.
    In order to eliminate any question about medical payments being covered for an injury sustained by your child, it is highly recommended that you consider participating in the voluntary student accident insurance program for the 2017-2018 school year.
    Voluntary accident insurance is available for all students at the expense of the parents or guardian. Your child must be enrolled at the time of the accident to be eligible for those benefits. You can enroll by visiting the Monarch Management Corporation's website. Once on the site, begin by picking the student’s home district from the drop down menu and follow instructions to completion.
    Very truly yours,
    Steve Robinson
    Steven K. Robinson
    School Business Administrator/Board Secretary